Friday, February 22, 2008

To Eat or Not to Eat

Last night's dinner was tons of fun. Melissa told us on the way there that she felt like a chauffeur or however you spell that crazy word... because both me and Anna were riding in the back. And then we didn't say anything for a while (shocking I know) so she was even more like a chauffeur. Then at the restraunt, Anna's forks weren't even (one was flatter then the other or something like that) so she was trying to even them out. That worked a little but they weren't good enough for her yet I guess, so she layed them next to each other on the table to measure how much was left to fix. Without thinking, she slammed her hand down on one of them to flatten it (the pointy part was up....) and me and Melissa were just looking at her like "oh my gosh..... do I know her?" Haha, so funny. But she isn't the only one to have made an embarassment of herself. Melissa said I might have a funny story to tell you, and here it is. So we were driving back home and all of a sudden Melissa SLAMMED on the brakes and me and Anna FLEW forward ALMOST hitting our heads on the windshield/chair. (Capitals are for dramatic effect) She was like "sorry there was a stop sign there that I didn't see" and then we sat there. And sat there. And sat there. For like 3 minutes we were just sitting there, and I have no idea why. Then she was like, "oh gosh, it's a 4-way stop. whoops!" Luckily there were only two cars behind us that now agree with everyone that we are pretty weird. HA! That was funny.

The 30 hour famine started today at lunch. I am SUPER hungry already, so this should be interesting. I also have a band concert tonight at 7:00... bleh. But then tomorrow after the famine we get pizza which is always really good. I don't know if I am going to have any though because I always eat WAAAAAAAAAY to much and then I don't feel good afterwards. So I will probably just wait until I get home. Anna wrote me some reminders on my hands today that say "don't eat". She put them on my thumb, forefinger, and in the middle of the two by my hand so that if I go to open something, I'll see the "don't eat" and remember. What a crazy girl she is.... :)

Nobody had any requests for me? Hmm..... guess I am not that interesting. Or maybe you can save your ideas until my 100th post, but that is still 64 away (or something like that)... so now is a good time. Plus I have no idea what to blog about anymore. I think I will add a sticker to this just for fun. Probably will be random though, don't worry. This is me we're talking about... ;P

I think I told Melissa I would put this on here, so there it is. And if I didn't here it is anyways. (In case you can't read it, it says "I've got ADD and magic markers. Oh the thrills I will have.)


Diane said...

You're too funny! I didn't ask you to post on anything in particular because I really didn't know what to say - I didn't post today because I couldn't come up with anything either. Oh, what boring lives we lead! Well, you'll be able to blog about the famine, your concert, more on Haiti stories, school (like what classes you want to take next year), your favorite things like foods, sports, vacations, books (unless you want to save that for your 100th post), blogthing quizes, your aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Is that enough ideas for you?

Melissa said...

Wow! I'm literally laughing out loud. I love how you tell stories, and actually you did tell it pretty accurately!
Thanks for posting that picture, now I know what you're talking about :)
See you in a while!:)

Mari said...

Glad you had fun last night, but now I am concerned about Melissa's drving abilities! I'll have to ask Heather if she has any stories about Melissa's driving.

Anonymous said...


You are so funny and you write so well!! I am glad you had fun in Haiti!!

Have a good weekend!

(I met you at Livesays graduation party)

shadowshamrock said...

Wow its pretty epic that your blog is not the first place I have found my icon being used :) I feel quite flattered since it never really happens to me. ^_^ Thanks so much for making my night. It was a random google search since I saw it up on Gaia and I was like "I wonder who else has it" Teehee

Its a little image heavy but I just wanted to brag cause I feel special.