Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Than Me

So as I sit here
In the AC
I have this fear
My favorite country will be
Never the same
As it was before
Forever changed
The past out the door
But I want it back
In my selfish being
Of which there's no lack
Change can be freeing
And this could be too
If I just let it go
Make the whole place anew
With new places to grow
And still here I am
Trying to fight
Aimlessly what can,
What should be, what might
Be best for the place
I say that I love
Explained solely by the grace
Of my God above
Because as I make that claim
I can't help but think
If I'll ever be the same
Little girl dressed in pink
I don't want to be her
I want to be me
To keep the allure
Of a girl with a dream
But if I let the change come
To myself alone
And keep the thought numb
That nothing's set in stone
The country did change
And I have to accept
God made a new stage
He doesn't regret
So now I can sit
In the freezing cold air
Knowing God won't quit
That He's always there
If I get to be new
Never the same as before
Then Haiti does too
To be loved even more

-July 2010