Friday, October 30, 2009

Jonah and the Whale.

The sermon last week Sunday was about Jonah and the whale. I always liked that story when I was little, so I made sure to pay attention this week after I heard Pastor Steve start talking about it. I don't really know why I liked it so much when I was younger, but it probably had something to do with the fact that he got swallowed, carried around, and finally puked back up by a giant fish. I mean, c'mon. What little kid doesn't want that to happen to them?

"Oh! Grandpa, you said you caught a fish that was 3 feet long and 50 pounds? Yeah. Well I got swallowed and puked up by a fish that was 30 feet long and 200 pounds. Beat that." Every little kid's fantasy.

And then this week while I was listening to the sermon about Jonah, I realized what a typical missionary he was. Or maybe what a stereotypical missionary he was. God said go. He said no. God said yes. He said make me. God did. Jonah wanted to die. (Ok, maybe the last one isn't so "typical missionary," but that's how the story goes.)

I think I like it even more now because it's real. And not just in the sense that it actually happened, but in the sense that it's easy for me to connect to. I don't know if Jonah was asking (or even begging) God to send him. To go for him. To be a missionary for him. (Judging by his reaction to his sending, I'm going to go with that he didn't want to be sent, just to work for God.) It made me think about how many times I pray for God for clear direction for something, or for him to send me. (Here I am God, still here. Waiting to go. I'm ready!) And then when He gives me something to do (ex. ask this person if they know Jesus) suddenly it's "What?! I can't ask them that! I can't make myself do it. I want to God, I really do, but I can't do it. My mouth isn't working anymore. They might think I'm weird. Nope, can't do it." Major. Wimp. Out.

And then right after that, I go back to praying again. "God, I'm still waiting! Where do you want me to go? Send me. Here am I." And there He is in Heaven, shaking His head and saying "Tori, my child, I just did send you." I never realize the little tasks until after the perfect chance has passed to bring it up. And then you go in the awkward situation of thinking, "I know I'm supposed to be sharing this... but it's so awkward now. But this is what God wants me to do, and I wimped out. I need to redeem myself. I got this." And then into the even more awkward situation of actually acting on it. Hopefully the looks I get aren't too funny. But if you don't make eye contact, you can't tell anyways. ;]

Anyways. Long story not-so-short, Jonah is relatable. I understand his wimpiness. (Although, can he really be considered wimpy since he willingly was thrown into the sea? I think not.) Reworded: I understand his chicken-out-edness. (And yes, that's a word.) Jonah is the perfect lesson to show that God doesn't pick the "perfect" person for the job. He picks the person He wants to MAKE perfect for the job. He knows how a person is going to react, and with Jonah, we get a good lesson on the type of person God is going to use. It's not who you think it will be. Jonah is a lesson. And I'm still going to say "God, here am I - send me." Just with a little more confidence added. :]

Plus - I wouldn't be totally opposed to being eaten by a giant fish either.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

yep, i got nothing.

sorry the blog has been so boring lately! i have been really busy, and don't feel like i have anything much to say besides poems. you have to be really bored and upset with me by now ;] just kidding. but i will try to think of something interesting! hmm. well, at the moment i am doing math homework, but that's not interesting so we can skip over that topic. ratatouille is on so that's pretty sweet. i like this movie. OOH! tomorrow my aunt and uncle and cousins are coming in from minnesota and we're going to my grandma's house to have dinner :D YAY! haven't seen them since august-ish. annnnnnd then on saturday, is the shopping trip! to birch run :] kind of a last minute thing, but my friend emily is coming with us :] so this should be pretty amazing. yeahh. i'm excited. too bad we have to leave at 7:00am. y-i-k-e-s. that's early. earlier than school. whoo baby. but it's all good because we get to go shopping! haha :] hmm. i think that's about it. sorry for the random post. kind of rambly too but i guess that's better than nothing.

ooh and this quote i found. "we could learn a lesson from crayons. sometimes they're sharp and sometimes they're beautiful. some have weird names and they're all different colors. and they all live in the same box." i thought that was cute :]

that's all. alright, love :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Born to Live

Born to live
I was born to give
Love to all nations
To all generations

Why He picked me
I may never see
My whole life's plan
Is all in His hands

He chose me to know
He chose me to go
He knew from above
He knew I could love

His plan makes me cry
About things I pass by
The things I can't change
That I can't rearrange

I was born to fix
To pick up the sticks
That people just left
To make them their best

Things I want to do
Aren't always His plan too
So I change my old ways
And fall down to pray

To talk to my maker
To not be a taker
To learn how to give
To be born to live

-Tori Westrick
October '09

Friday, October 2, 2009

There's a Place...

Somewhere out there
There’s a place
A place where nobody lies
Where nobody dies
Where nobody cries
About earthly things
And earthly stings
And somewhere out there
There’s a place
A place where everyone cares
Where everyone shares
Where everyone dares
To show the love
From their Father above
And somewhere out there
There’s a place
A place where we learn trust
Where we aren’t just dust
Where we know that we must
Give praise to our Jesus
And know that it’s because
He died on the cross
We don’t have our loss
It’s all taken away
No sin has to stay
And somewhere out there
There’s a place
A place where He is
Where He lives
Where He gives
Hope to all nations
To all His creations

-Tori Westrick
October '09