Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ha you guys are FUNNY

I got all excited when I saw the 15 comments, but then I was reading them and about 11 of them are from my parents. That doesn't count guys. Nice try though. :) Just thought you would all like to know that this is my 40th post. That is exciting. But I don't know what to post about. So this is probably going to be boring and confusing... sorry. Ooh, so many people wanted to know who I would've slow danced with. The answer is definitely Anna and Dani. HAHAHAHA... no just kidding. I like the slow dances so I can see who's going out in our grade. I think there are only 7 couples right now. Pretty sad since there was like 15 a couple months ago. But none of them have ever included me for your information. Oh and that person that might have gotten expelled didn't get expelled and he wasn't in juvy (everyone thought he was, but we found out today he wasn't) he was just suspended for 2 days. Lame. I really wanted to know someone who was in juvy. Is that bad??? Haha. I am a dork I know. Well I am getting REALLLLY hungry and something smells good upstairs. So I am going to go see what it is and see when dinner is. There is an interesting piece of my life. (the whole post, not what I am going to do now... :P) And another interesting piece of my life... I miss Haiti really bad. If anybody wants to donate a plane ticket, I am so there right now. Ok that's all.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Word Cloud

Here is mine... I like it orange.
Youth group tonight.
Lots of homework, and 2 tests tomorrow.
Went to Adobe for dinner. It was okay... nothing special for the price.
Dance was after school today. Waste of $3. Didn't do anything, lights were on, no slow songs.
Someone in my grade might be getting expelled. Pray for him... he needs it.
I love how many comments I have been getting lately. (Hint of sarcasm.) Thanks Melissa!!!
I think that's everything.
Peace out homies.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Give me a "T"!

No, I'm not a cheerleader. I was for one year, and that was the worst thing I have ever done in my life probably... gave up soccer for cheerleading. Yuck. I was lame. Sorry to all you ex or current cheerleaders out there. This was on Melissa's site, and it looked like fun! So I am trying it out, here it goes:

**Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following --they have to be real places, names, things ...nothing made up! You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name- Tori
4 Letter word- Tail
Vehicle- Toyota
City- Traverse City
Boy name- Travis
Girl name- Tianna
Alcoholic Drink- Tequila
Occupation- Travel agent
Something you wear- Toe ring
Celebrity- Tisdale, Ashley (haha, is that cheating???)
Something found in a bathroom- Toilet
Reason for being late- Totaled my car (or bike I guess in my case...)
Cartoon character- Tubby the tuba
Something you shout- TORNADO!!!!
Animal- Tiger
Body part- Tongue
Word to describe you- Turd

Monday, February 25, 2008

Haiti Orphanage

Here are some more Haiti pictures for you today. It is at an orphanage in Bercy, the orphanage needs a lot of work because it is pretty gross and unsanitary/unhealthy, but the kids are adorable. The kids aren't adopted out of this orphanage, they are just raised to be Christians I think, and so they don't live on the street and get involved in bad things to try and survive. I really wanted to adopt a couple of the kids from here though. There are tons of clothes that are donated here I guess, but the kids sometimes have a hard time finding something to wear. The little boy I am holding in one of the pictures down there had pants on that were about 4 sizes to big. It was really sad to see, but I think Nate said that there are a ton of clothes and other donations in a back room and they just hadn't sorted them yet or something?? It is mostly Haitian run, there are Americans that come down every now and then to check up on it, but otherwise it's just Haitians working there. Which also explains for most of the disorder and uncleanliness... (not to sound mean, but they don't know any different so they see nothing wrong with it. Really sad to see it though...)

Paige in the back, Tiffany holding a little boy, Sandy with the camera in the back

A little boy

A little girl

John and a little boy

Tiffany with her friend Jerry from August... This is a pretty bad picture of her and I'm sure she wouldn't like it if she saw, but it's the only one I have of the two of them, so I put it on here. :)

Tiffany and another little boy (same one as before I think...)

Me and an ADORABLE little girl. She was so light. I wanted to take her home with me. Hated to leave her there, but I had too. :(

Brenda's friend. And a little Haitian boy.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.... no, actually this is Brenda's little Haitian friend from August. She told Nate to get a lot of pictures, but he didn't get any, so she was glad that I got these. I didn't even know this was her friend, I just saw him and he was cute, so I picked him up.

Friday, February 22, 2008

To Eat or Not to Eat

Last night's dinner was tons of fun. Melissa told us on the way there that she felt like a chauffeur or however you spell that crazy word... because both me and Anna were riding in the back. And then we didn't say anything for a while (shocking I know) so she was even more like a chauffeur. Then at the restraunt, Anna's forks weren't even (one was flatter then the other or something like that) so she was trying to even them out. That worked a little but they weren't good enough for her yet I guess, so she layed them next to each other on the table to measure how much was left to fix. Without thinking, she slammed her hand down on one of them to flatten it (the pointy part was up....) and me and Melissa were just looking at her like "oh my gosh..... do I know her?" Haha, so funny. But she isn't the only one to have made an embarassment of herself. Melissa said I might have a funny story to tell you, and here it is. So we were driving back home and all of a sudden Melissa SLAMMED on the brakes and me and Anna FLEW forward ALMOST hitting our heads on the windshield/chair. (Capitals are for dramatic effect) She was like "sorry there was a stop sign there that I didn't see" and then we sat there. And sat there. And sat there. For like 3 minutes we were just sitting there, and I have no idea why. Then she was like, "oh gosh, it's a 4-way stop. whoops!" Luckily there were only two cars behind us that now agree with everyone that we are pretty weird. HA! That was funny.

The 30 hour famine started today at lunch. I am SUPER hungry already, so this should be interesting. I also have a band concert tonight at 7:00... bleh. But then tomorrow after the famine we get pizza which is always really good. I don't know if I am going to have any though because I always eat WAAAAAAAAAY to much and then I don't feel good afterwards. So I will probably just wait until I get home. Anna wrote me some reminders on my hands today that say "don't eat". She put them on my thumb, forefinger, and in the middle of the two by my hand so that if I go to open something, I'll see the "don't eat" and remember. What a crazy girl she is.... :)

Nobody had any requests for me? Hmm..... guess I am not that interesting. Or maybe you can save your ideas until my 100th post, but that is still 64 away (or something like that)... so now is a good time. Plus I have no idea what to blog about anymore. I think I will add a sticker to this just for fun. Probably will be random though, don't worry. This is me we're talking about... ;P

I think I told Melissa I would put this on here, so there it is. And if I didn't here it is anyways. (In case you can't read it, it says "I've got ADD and magic markers. Oh the thrills I will have.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tonight me and Anna and Melissa are all going to go out for dinner! Woo-hoo! I am excited! I forgot where we are going though... try to update about that later. Which is why it's probaly a good thing that Melissa is driving huh? Especially since me and Anna are only 14, and aren't "allowed" to drive yet! But who cares about that anyways... I am practically Haitian, no rules to the road! Lol... Just kidding Melissa, no worries... actually there is one, I am kind of hyper right now, so that should be interesting for you! Ha ha-sucker!

I added some new pictures to the side of my friends in Haiti instead of doing a post on them. I still might post about them later, or maybe individually. Who knows??? I am more of a random type of person (but who would ever guess that?!?) so I don't know what I am going to do.

If you have a request for anything you would like me to post about sometime, just leave me a comment and I will try to update about whatever it is! Oh, and 2 COMMENTS last time!? Come one people, spread the looooooooove! Haha... (OK, Melissa I am more hyper then I thought, just so you know. And usually me and Anna are hyper at the same time, so have fun with that!!! :P)

Ok, I think that's about all for now. Try to update later about dinner and your requests if anybody comments me this time!!! Gees... my own mother didn't even comment. (Thank you Melissa and Mari for your comments!!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Haiti Pictures

This is from when we first got to Haiti, driving down the road. Just some random pics looking outside the truck at the best country in the world... :)
I think they sell these bikes, but I am not completely sure. Shows you some of Haiti though...
I was SOOO excited to see this soccer field! I almost missed the picture of it, but I'm glad I didn't. Soccer is my absolute favorite sport ever, and I really wanted to see soccer in my favorite country ever, so this was a good thing to see on the first day there!! Woohoo!
This is either a farm or next to a farm... I forget which. Sorry...
We went up the mountain to church on Sunday and this was a house just sitting there on the side of it. I thought it looked cool all alone surrounded by trees and bushes and stuff.

I will try to get more pictures of Haiti on here soon. Maybe later today or tomorrow I will put on some pictures of my friends. But who knows... maybe it will be something completely different!!

Oh and by the way, thanks for all your suggestions for my e-mail address... I will tell you what it is once I make it! Which I should make it in about a week, I am just waiting for something... haha. Suspenseful huh?

And also, just thought you would like to know that this is my 34th post! Oh yeah... I am soo good at updating this crazy thing.


Monday, February 18, 2008


I added the sticker to the last post... check it out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Help please... :)

I am going to make a new e-mail soon because I really don't like the one I have now... it is pretty childish and totally not me anymore. So if anyone has any ideas what it should be, I need some help. Please and thank you!! (I am looking for something that I can keep for a looooooooooooooooong time so I don't have to change it again... any ideas would be greatly appreciated)

I am going to try to get some pictures from Haiti on here soon, but I am on my pop's laptop right now, so my pictures aren't on here. But tomorrow I will try to put some on. (Oh, also that shows that I was motivated to get the pictures off my camera and onto the computer. What an accomplishment right?? Lol...)

Tomorrow we are going out for my mom's birthday lunch thinger. I will let her tell you where we are going. After or before or whatever we decided on (don't care really unless I drive which nobody ever lets me, wonder why?? Hmm... ;P) we are going to go to Best Buy for my brother. He needs some cord thing, so yeah... and maybe they will have a Wii too. That would be a huge plus!! Then we can play Guitar Hero! Woohoo! And after that we are probably going to go to the mall because I have to go to PacSun for me. I have a thing from this magazine that gives you a free thing every month if you take in the magazine, so this month it was a free shirt from PacSun. I decided that would be a good idea to go get that since it is free and it is a pretty cute shirt too. I will try to get a picture of that on here sometime, otherwise I guess you will just have to see me wearing it! Lol... except it's shortsleeve, so I won't be wearing it for a while longer. Dang it.

Ok, enough ramblings for tonight... so that's all until tomorrow I guess. I am going to rap, this should be scary... here it goes.

Yo yo,
It's time fo
Me to go
Fo sho
I really gotta go
Freaky freaky fresh word...

Yeah, I am pretty white. Ok, peace out dudeys... lol. Dudeys... :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Don't know if this is good or bad... :-/

Your Life Is Worth...
How Much Is Your Life Worth?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally updating... whoops.

Wow, I haven't updated in a while. Sorry everybody.

I guess I should update more though because my mom is almost to 100 posts, and I have like 30. Pathetic if I do say so myself...

Well, I bet a lot of you are looking forward to Haiti pictures but I didn't take any. JUST KIDDING! I have lots of pictures... like 250 or so. But none of them are uploaded to my computer yet due to lack of motivation, so they won't be making an appearence on here for a while.

We have a 4 day weekend!! Woo-hoo! Oh yeah... party like a rockstar!! (But I'm not excited at all... haha)

I did the rating thing for my blog and I think it is stupid. I am boycotting that thing, and if you want to know why, go to it and type in for the "your site" or whatever. Ugh... stupid thing. I don't feel so bad though because the Livesay's got the same thing I did... (if you're curious about them too,

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Birthday madre!
Happy Friday for tomorrow!

I am going to try to update more often so I can have one of those super cool 100th post things before I turn 30. Hopefully it won't take me that long, but at this rate it might take me a couple of years. Haha... sorry everybody. I guess I am just not that intersting of a person. Lol............

Um... well I think that's all for now. So peace out homies. :P

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I miss everyone so much! Right now, I am in the airport in Miami... our flights were cancelled before we were even inside the airport in Haiti, so we are flying out tomorrow. The team is split up into two different flights, but we are all getting there tomorrow and we are all here tongiht. That is actually a really good thing because Tiffany and Aaron (my buddys) are on the other flight, so if they would've had to leave tonight, I would be really sad and lonely. I can NOT handle that many goodbyes in one day. Not at all. The ones from this morning were enough for me, I think this might be my fault that we have to spend the night here... whoops. Sorry guys!! Haha...

Well Haiti was AMAZING as it always is. Nate said this is the first trip ever where there was no problem he had to deal with, which is super duper good. We worked on the medical clinic and it is pretty much done, there is just a little bit left to move in again I think, so that is excellent. We went to an orphanage and had a lot of fun there. We didn't end up spending the night in the mountains, but we went up there early on Sunday to go to church. It was tons of fun and I will blog about everything that happened later. Me and Tiffany and Paige watched the little Livesays while Troy and Tara and Jen and Tess went to the beach for the day. That was a lot of fun. I got to spend quite a bit of time with some of my really good friends too. I love them so much and I miss them really bad right now. (Paigey, Tipap, and Jeanbeauvis) Me and Tiffany called Tipap tonight and were talking to him for a little bit, and he said that both him and Jeanbeauvis cried today. Jeanbeauvis was crying last night a lot too. It was so sad, and I felt bad. He told me not to go to America and I almost cried right there on the spot. BOO HOO... I hate leaving!!!!!!!!!!!! And now we are stuck in stupid Miami... blahhhhhhh. But there is a funny story about that at if you want to read it. It is HILARIOUS! I just about died laughing about it, but you have to go there if you want to know what it is because I am not going to tell you. I talked to Anna today, that was really fun. I miss her (and everyone else) so much now, so that is basically the only reason I didn't "lose" my green card. (You can't get back into America without that for anyone who doesn't know...)

Me and Tiffany and Aaron are going to stay up all night tonight until we fall asleep... haha, that makes no sense but we are so going to do it! Lol... we bought a pack of Mickey Mouse cards for only $6, so we are going to play with those. We bought Starbucks too, but they close in 15 minutes so we can't get anymore tonight. But we had BK for dinner, and the refills on the pops we got are unlimited and there is a 24 hour BK in concourse D so we are going to learn where that is real fast. Haha... I am so tired though. I learned a lot of Creole on this trip. Tipap told me and Tiffany that we have to learn Creole, first he said if we came there for 6 months we would learn it, but then I was asking him how to say a bunch of stuff and then talking to Tipap and Jeanbeauvis in Creole, so he changed mine to 3 months. Tiffany still needs 6 months though. She is okay with that since that means that she has an excuse to stay longer, but I told her that I would just spend the other 3 months perfecting my Creole. And to tutor her when Paige won't help and Tipap doesn't know what we are saying. So that should be fun. I have a really good plan that me and Paige came up with, but I can't say what it is until I get it for sured by some people. I haven't even talked to the important people about it either. Whoops... haha.

Wow, this is really long but I haven't updated all week, so I guess this is okay then huh? The internet isn't working very good at the Livesay's so when it does work, everyone tries to get a little time in before it breaks again. I have just been checking my email when I get a chance to come on. But now I am just sitting here in the airport with nothing to do but play cards, so I will update now. Even though I obviously already did... haha. I am such a dork today. And always but especially today. I am getting sick of this though, so I am going to stop typing now... wow an airport cleaning guy just about ran into me. Yikes that was scary. Ok, random enough now because I am getting super duper tired... so I am seriously going to stop now!!

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (Well most of you... haha. Just kidding. Maybe. Haha...)