Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ha you guys are FUNNY

I got all excited when I saw the 15 comments, but then I was reading them and about 11 of them are from my parents. That doesn't count guys. Nice try though. :) Just thought you would all like to know that this is my 40th post. That is exciting. But I don't know what to post about. So this is probably going to be boring and confusing... sorry. Ooh, so many people wanted to know who I would've slow danced with. The answer is definitely Anna and Dani. HAHAHAHA... no just kidding. I like the slow dances so I can see who's going out in our grade. I think there are only 7 couples right now. Pretty sad since there was like 15 a couple months ago. But none of them have ever included me for your information. Oh and that person that might have gotten expelled didn't get expelled and he wasn't in juvy (everyone thought he was, but we found out today he wasn't) he was just suspended for 2 days. Lame. I really wanted to know someone who was in juvy. Is that bad??? Haha. I am a dork I know. Well I am getting REALLLLY hungry and something smells good upstairs. So I am going to go see what it is and see when dinner is. There is an interesting piece of my life. (the whole post, not what I am going to do now... :P) And another interesting piece of my life... I miss Haiti really bad. If anybody wants to donate a plane ticket, I am so there right now. Ok that's all.


Melissa said...

How much would 2 plane tickets cost? I'm on spring break, let's leave Tuesday.
You sure there's no one except Anna and Dani? j/k I know :) It's always fun to stand and watch others. But also to see if someone's going to ask you... ;)
And yes, you are a dork. But a loveable one :) <3

Jennifer said...

Look at me I am posting just like you told me to. Kudos to Mrs. Hill. How are those "kisses" (or were they really "hugs") working for you? You need to use paragraphs in your post so I don't feel like I am reading Tori fast.

Diane said...

You can't go to Haiti again unless I'm with you!! I'll see if I can find some tickets laying around! :)

Anonymous said...


If you and Mom are going then you better have a ticket for me to!


Nate and Brenda said...

ummm if you know of any tickets or extra money around for Haiti you had better NOT leave me back here!

In His Grip said...

Hi Tori,
I'm a mom in Michigan and I landed on your blog...stopped to say "Hi".
I have 2 kids, a 18 year old boy and a 15 year old girl.
We had a problem in our school with the dances too and I had a suggestion. Why not suggest line dancing and karaoke. It is a big hit here and no one ever has to worry about finding someone to dance with. Just a thought for some good fun.
BTW-I have the same background on my blog page! Nice!