Monday, February 25, 2008

Haiti Orphanage

Here are some more Haiti pictures for you today. It is at an orphanage in Bercy, the orphanage needs a lot of work because it is pretty gross and unsanitary/unhealthy, but the kids are adorable. The kids aren't adopted out of this orphanage, they are just raised to be Christians I think, and so they don't live on the street and get involved in bad things to try and survive. I really wanted to adopt a couple of the kids from here though. There are tons of clothes that are donated here I guess, but the kids sometimes have a hard time finding something to wear. The little boy I am holding in one of the pictures down there had pants on that were about 4 sizes to big. It was really sad to see, but I think Nate said that there are a ton of clothes and other donations in a back room and they just hadn't sorted them yet or something?? It is mostly Haitian run, there are Americans that come down every now and then to check up on it, but otherwise it's just Haitians working there. Which also explains for most of the disorder and uncleanliness... (not to sound mean, but they don't know any different so they see nothing wrong with it. Really sad to see it though...)

Paige in the back, Tiffany holding a little boy, Sandy with the camera in the back

A little boy

A little girl

John and a little boy

Tiffany with her friend Jerry from August... This is a pretty bad picture of her and I'm sure she wouldn't like it if she saw, but it's the only one I have of the two of them, so I put it on here. :)

Tiffany and another little boy (same one as before I think...)

Me and an ADORABLE little girl. She was so light. I wanted to take her home with me. Hated to leave her there, but I had too. :(

Brenda's friend. And a little Haitian boy.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.... no, actually this is Brenda's little Haitian friend from August. She told Nate to get a lot of pictures, but he didn't get any, so she was glad that I got these. I didn't even know this was her friend, I just saw him and he was cute, so I picked him up.


Melissa said...

i love those pictures. the kids are soooooo adorable!

Diane said...

Great pics! I love what you have to say about your experiences in Haiti!

Nate and Brenda said...

I love that God used you to get a picture of my little buddy and you didn't even know it!!! Cool!!!

I love your pictures. I have to live through all of you since I only have two pictures now of my own. (Thanks Diane!) Good thing I have friends!!

Chad and Tammy said...

Love the pictures Tori! I can't wait until July!!

Tori said...

Brenda- YOU HAVE FRIENDS?!?! oh my gosh, i never would've guessed... haha, just kidding. love you!!! :)

Tammy- I can't wait either! AHHHH, I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited!