Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally updating... whoops.

Wow, I haven't updated in a while. Sorry everybody.

I guess I should update more though because my mom is almost to 100 posts, and I have like 30. Pathetic if I do say so myself...

Well, I bet a lot of you are looking forward to Haiti pictures but I didn't take any. JUST KIDDING! I have lots of pictures... like 250 or so. But none of them are uploaded to my computer yet due to lack of motivation, so they won't be making an appearence on here for a while.

We have a 4 day weekend!! Woo-hoo! Oh yeah... party like a rockstar!! (But I'm not excited at all... haha)

I did the rating thing for my blog and I think it is stupid. I am boycotting that thing, and if you want to know why, go to it and type in for the "your site" or whatever. Ugh... stupid thing. I don't feel so bad though because the Livesay's got the same thing I did... (if you're curious about them too,

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Birthday madre!
Happy Friday for tomorrow!

I am going to try to update more often so I can have one of those super cool 100th post things before I turn 30. Hopefully it won't take me that long, but at this rate it might take me a couple of years. Haha... sorry everybody. I guess I am just not that intersting of a person. Lol............

Um... well I think that's all for now. So peace out homies. :P


Diane said...

I'm glad to see you finally posted and let us all get another peek into the mind of Tori! Thanks for remembering your Madre's birthday today!! :)

Diane said...

Posting - 70 posts to go for your 100 post, 46 weeks left in the year... if you do 1.521391 posts per week, you'll be able to do your "100 things about Tori" post by New Years!! (Let's just round it to 2 posts per week and see where that gets us, ok?)

Melissa said...

I love you Tori! You make me smile!

Jennifer said...

Too lazy? How hard is it to hook a cable from your camera to your computer and turn your camera on?!?! Come on girlfriend your letting me down. I am supposed to be living this trip through you.

Anna said...

hugs? kisses ^ i don't even get that! lol j/k.


(Mr E still has that "thing" in his closet
he he he


Tori said...

anna no he doesnt, he made me take it out remember?? silly pants. unless there is another thing i should know about? hmm... lol

mrs. hill i am so sorry that i havent uploaded my pictures yet, but i just dont feel like it. sorry.

melissa i love you too.

mom you are psycho. not even joking sweetheart. love ya though!