Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Alright. It seems that my rambling gift has caused a "family fued" according to Mrs. Hill. I would just like to let you all know, that none of this is my fault and I can't be held accountable for any of it! Also, our "family fued" (which neither me or my brother) is not NEARLY as bad as Lindsay Lohan's or Tori Spelling's. So, I don't feel too bad for starting this. Brenda, I know you could help me too, but in case you forgot, we're fighting right now, so I don't want to ask you for help on anything. So there. Deal with it. Lol. I'm just kidding! I love all you guys, just some more then others and in different ways. For example, Brenda is on the bottom of my list because she is a meanie, so I don't love her as much as everyone else. Just kidding again! And of course I also love my mom differently because she is my mom, and I'm sorry, but I don't think of many of you as my mom, so my love for you is different! Ok, I guess I better stop now before anyone's head explodes and I have to go clean it up. Yuck. Oh, and if your head does explode, I would rather not know about it, especially if it is my fault because then I would probably feel really bad. Depending on who it was. Like, Brenda, I wouldn't care about... I'm just kidding. I guess I really better stop now because Brenda might beat me up for making fun of her so much. So, au revoir for now! (I was practicing my Creole last night, so I am using some of it before I forget)

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I added some stuff to the side, so check it out! And I gotta e-mail my mom and then go make dinner and let my cough, cough, annoying... scuse me... brother on. Lol.

hello again...

I had to start a new blog because I couldn't figure out the old one and I probably won't be able to figure out this one either, so I might actually have to ask my mom for the first time ever about computer stuff. Scary, I know. Another reason why I started this one was because I didn't really like the other one anyway. I hope I can figure this one out, and I also hope that you all aren't too mad at me for making one and then not coming on for a while and then destroying that one and then making a brand new one!! Wow, I also hope that people still attempt to read this even though I ramble a lot and my ADHD shows through sometimes. Lol... WHOA!! That gum wrapper is shiny............................... oh sorry. See, what'd I tell you!! ADHD again! I am going to make this blog look better now maybe, so adios!