Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is the first time I have been tagged while actually having a blog! My mom and Brenda (I think) tagged me to list 8 random things about me, so here goes nothing:

1) I am an only child... not really, I just wish that sometimes
2) Haiti is my favorite place in the whole world
3) A soccer field is my second favorite place in the whole world
4) I like to read and write stories/poems and stuff
5) I am blessed with too many friends to count
6) A Creole book is supposed to come for me from the library soon I hope... yay!!!
7) I am going on two trips to Haiti next year, yikes - expensive
8) Rice Krispies with sugar on top is my favorite cereal ever and I had it for dinner tonight with my favorite type of Pop-Tart: Brown Sugar Cinnamon or whatever it's called.

I am tagging whoever hasn't done it yet, so get crackin!!

lotsa <3 with a few smiles (just not as many as Mrs. Hill... lol. Just kidding!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy late Thanksgiving!

We were away in Wisconson as some of you have probably read on my mom's blog. My dad took his laptop, but the charger cord was not in the bag, so neither of us had the chance to update. We had a lot of fun on this trip, and ate WAYYY to much food!! Lol...

There is one thing I wanted to blog about in particular. It is a funny story of how I thought when I was littler. On the way to my grandparents house, there are a lot of those "rumble strips" or whatever they're called. Well, I never understood why they needed to put those in the road, so I came up with my own explanation. This is it- there are some people that crashed their cars a long time ago, but their cars stayed there and the people were still in them (don't ask why I thought that, I have no idea) but the road was built on top of them. They didn't like it when people rode over top of where they were crashed under the cement, so they would honk at you when you drove over them. It sounded different though because the cement muffled the sound of the horn.

I know, I was a looney back then. Still am, actually. And I don't understand those things yet either. Except to get people to pay attention or wake up or something I suppose. I don't really know.

I am still making things for a fundraiser for Haiti. If anyone wants pot-holders, Christmas cards, birthday cards, or stationary I am making those right now. I am having a table at the craft sale with Melissa and maybe Anna and her mom I think, so I will be selling those there, but if anyone wants any before the sale or can't make it to the sale, let me know so I can get them to you! Same rules as my mom though- I can (have my mom) deliver it in Allendale, anything else will have to be picked up or shipped by you.

Thanks and have a happy Saturday/Sunday or whenever you read this!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unknown Video

So I don't really know what this video is about because I can't watch it until I post this. I know it has something to do with when we were in Haiti this August, but I don't actually know what. Holy cow, I just about had a heart attack! The video went away for a second and I thought it deleted, but then it came back, so " 'sall good!" Had to say that... lol. I think this is a video of the kids from Barbancourt singing, but I could be wrong. I am not liable for anything by guessing that except maybe a genius award if I turn out to be right. If, by the rare chance that I am wrong, I don't get anything and I'll go cry under this computer desk right now. My mom will tell you if that happens I suppose.

Oh, and the video was taken on either mine or my mom's camera, so there is no sound. Nothing is wrong with your computer or speakers or headphones or whatever. Suprisingly, nothing is wrong with the video either. The camera just has no sound recorder, so it is a quiet movie. Just imagine it is one of those old movies from like 19something when they were all black and white and there was no sound, just words that come up after every picture. Except there are no words, so just pretend it is one of those, but everyone was too involved in the singing to want to type all the words out for the video.

Gotta go finish my book... T2daO2daR2daI

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Idea

I was going to post on some more Haiti kids, but I uploaded the pictures wrong and they aren't on here now. So, I don't know what I am going to post about. My mom got this advertisement thing in the mail today and she gave it to me to look at. There was different sports clothes in it, and one of the soccer ones was pretty funny. Dani has this shirt too. This is what it said:

We actually do use our feet to play
We don't stop play every six seconds
We're not covered head to toe in pads
We don't suck oxygen on the sidelines
We play more then one game a week
And have a real World Championship
So if you can't handle it
Go play that sorry excuse for a sport
They call football
Sorry if anyone is offended by that. In case you didn't notice, they were talking about football and soccer, making football sound like the easier sport. I am biast (spelling?) though, because soccer is MY sport and I have been playing it since I was about 6 or 7. I don't understand football anyway and I don't think I have even watched a whole game in my entire life. This is another one that was in there that is a little nicer...
Just forget
About it
Not even
Is getting to
This ball
Anywho, thought those were sort of funny. Especially to soccer players. The second one could go for most sports though. So, I will try to post more about Haiti kids tomorrow. Until then, this is all I got. Lol. Au revoir!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Post with a Point-Some Haitian kids

Some boys that I took a picture of at church on Sunday. The one with his hand on his forehead was holding my hand during church. It was so cute!
These are some kids at church too. I think my mom took this one.
Some boys at Bible School. Don't know why he looks so mad, but the other one is smiling. Maybe the smiling one pinched the mad one. I don't know.
A few girls outside the church after church was done.
Girls at the orphanage we were at. The ones in the background by me are cousins. Their names are Katsana and Fosaee. My mom was holding that other girl, but I don't remember her name.

So I was thinking about it, and I realized that I haven't posted about a specific "thing" on this whole blog! Shocking, right? So I decided to post on one of my favorite things ever... Haitian kids! I put some of my favorite pics on, but then I found out you can only post five at a time, so I am going to add another one some other time. Don't worry! Lol.

I think for the fundraiser I am going to babysit for people who want me too (even the Yonkers, but I might have to recruit Anna to help me). Also, I can make brownies for people if you want any. I am going to go with donations, but the minimum would be $2.00 for a plate. Melissa mentioned maybe having a table with her at the craft sale and selling some of my potholders or something. So I might do that if it works out. Otherwise, if you have any other ideas for me or want to buy something, I open for comments!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Look-alikes and other matters

So apparently I haven't updated in a while. I don't actually know what to say, but here goes nothing. I did that look alike thing, but I couldn't get it to come on here. I put it on my xanga instead. If you want to see it, here is the link: You can read the other posts on there if you want, but I wouldn't add it to your favorites or anything (not that you would anyway, just a figure of speech I guess) because I never go on there anymore. I just keep it for emergencies like this and so that I get an e-mail sent to me from a Haiti blog. Minnesota was tons of fun!! The Yonkers were with us almost the whole time, and we got to know each other a LOT better. I didn't know that I didn't know that much about them, but I learned a lot, so I guess there was a lot I didn't know even if I didn't know it!! Just wanted to make that sentence really confusing, so you know. Lol. I am going to try not to say "know" anymore in this whole post. Lol... not gonna happen I don't think. THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING FOR ME WHILE I WAS MAKING MY DECISION ABOUT FEBUARY!!! I know that was really big, but I wanted it to stand out so nobody would miss it! I really appreciate all the prayers, and I just wanted everyone to... um... be aware... of that. Lol. Trying not to say "that word that you can look up a couple of lines to see if you aren't sure what I am talking about." Lol. Me and Paige had a lot of fun and I can't wait to go and see her and the rest of the family in Febuary! I can't spell Febuary though, so that is kind of a bad thing I guess. I never... can tell... where the other "R" is supposed to go. It's so annoying. I was also trying to think of a way to get some extra money (fundraiser I guess, but I hate that word, so I was trying to avoid it) for Haiti. I can't knit or anything though, so that it out of the option. OH! But... if anyone wants a super-cool, hand-made-especially-by-Tori potholder thing... I can make those. AND... I have lots of colors to choose from. My Grandma taught me how to cross-stitch a long time ago, but I don't think I have finished one yet, so that probably isn't the best idea. I am willing to babysit for people for extra money for Haiti too. If you have any other ideas, let me... tell me what you are thinking... so I can get some more ideas!! Also, just in case anybody was wondering, the reason I am trying to raise money for my trips is because they are pretty expensive. I am going on two of them, so that is more expensive yet. Most of the extra money I have, I donate it to my "Haiti fund" which is actually real. I have a box in my room that I put all this extra money in for Haiti trips. There was a lot more in it before, but the... um, I forgot what this is called... it is the first amount of money you have to pay... a down-payment I guess it's called. But anyway, I had to pay that and that zeroed out my fund. I have a whole $0.39 left. If I make this any longer, no one will come visit anymore, so I will stop now. Don't forget to tell me any fundraiser ideas if you have any please!! Or if you just wanna say hi, that's ok too!!