Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Idea

I was going to post on some more Haiti kids, but I uploaded the pictures wrong and they aren't on here now. So, I don't know what I am going to post about. My mom got this advertisement thing in the mail today and she gave it to me to look at. There was different sports clothes in it, and one of the soccer ones was pretty funny. Dani has this shirt too. This is what it said:

We actually do use our feet to play
We don't stop play every six seconds
We're not covered head to toe in pads
We don't suck oxygen on the sidelines
We play more then one game a week
And have a real World Championship
So if you can't handle it
Go play that sorry excuse for a sport
They call football
Sorry if anyone is offended by that. In case you didn't notice, they were talking about football and soccer, making football sound like the easier sport. I am biast (spelling?) though, because soccer is MY sport and I have been playing it since I was about 6 or 7. I don't understand football anyway and I don't think I have even watched a whole game in my entire life. This is another one that was in there that is a little nicer...
Just forget
About it
Not even
Is getting to
This ball
Anywho, thought those were sort of funny. Especially to soccer players. The second one could go for most sports though. So, I will try to post more about Haiti kids tomorrow. Until then, this is all I got. Lol. Au revoir!


Diane said...

I thought you'd be ordering some clothes out of that magazine but I think you threw it away. Is there anything in particular that you're saving up for??? TripSS to Haiti, perhaps??? :)

Melissa said...

lol!!! You gotta love those soccer digs. I'll admit I'm partial to soccer because I used to play, but I really enjoy football too.
And I wasn't talking about you in my post :)
Yeah, I would think it would be in the bulletin soon. Maybe Anna's mom would want to sell stuff too? I think she's talking about making purses....

Mari said...

I'm not into football or soccer too much, but I think those are pretty funny!

Marissa said...

Haha! I love those! Especially the first one. I get this Eurosport magazine, and they sell soooo many t-shirts with funny soccer sayings on them. My favorite says "Hey Ref, check your answering machine, because you missed a lot of calls." Haha, yeaaa. Cute blog, I'll be checking back :]