Sunday, November 11, 2007

Post with a Point-Some Haitian kids

Some boys that I took a picture of at church on Sunday. The one with his hand on his forehead was holding my hand during church. It was so cute!
These are some kids at church too. I think my mom took this one.
Some boys at Bible School. Don't know why he looks so mad, but the other one is smiling. Maybe the smiling one pinched the mad one. I don't know.
A few girls outside the church after church was done.
Girls at the orphanage we were at. The ones in the background by me are cousins. Their names are Katsana and Fosaee. My mom was holding that other girl, but I don't remember her name.

So I was thinking about it, and I realized that I haven't posted about a specific "thing" on this whole blog! Shocking, right? So I decided to post on one of my favorite things ever... Haitian kids! I put some of my favorite pics on, but then I found out you can only post five at a time, so I am going to add another one some other time. Don't worry! Lol.

I think for the fundraiser I am going to babysit for people who want me too (even the Yonkers, but I might have to recruit Anna to help me). Also, I can make brownies for people if you want any. I am going to go with donations, but the minimum would be $2.00 for a plate. Melissa mentioned maybe having a table with her at the craft sale and selling some of my potholders or something. So I might do that if it works out. Otherwise, if you have any other ideas for me or want to buy something, I open for comments!!


Melissa said...

What great pictures! Don't those kids just melt your heart? I have to find out who to talk to about the craft sale at church, but when I get more info, I'll tell you. Do you want to see if Anna wants to make anything? I have a ton of fleece scarves I'm gonna sell. And...there is a way to add more pictures to your blog. After the initial 5 are loaded, click done, and then repeat the same process again. :)

Mari said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! If I think of any fund raiser ideas I'll let you know - right now my mind is a blank!

Diane said...

The girl I'm holding in the picture is Islande. She fell asleep on me within about 3 minutes after I picked her up. She was absolutely adorable!! My heart just breaks for these kids! They just hunger for love! Even though it was "sauna" hot while we were there, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else at that time! You'll have to make sure you blog while you're there in February!

Chad and Tammy said...

Great pictures Tori! Chad just came downstairs and heard me laughing and asked what I was reading. So, I read him a couple of your blog posts out loud. We were both cracking up! You are too funny!! By the way, we would love to donate to your trip in exchange for babysitting sometime!!

Jennifer said...

Did you hear? Zack is going to Haiti with us in July. Yeah! Okay so maybe the older brother thing isn't quite as exciting to you as it is to me. Anna is excited about it also.