Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy late Thanksgiving!

We were away in Wisconson as some of you have probably read on my mom's blog. My dad took his laptop, but the charger cord was not in the bag, so neither of us had the chance to update. We had a lot of fun on this trip, and ate WAYYY to much food!! Lol...

There is one thing I wanted to blog about in particular. It is a funny story of how I thought when I was littler. On the way to my grandparents house, there are a lot of those "rumble strips" or whatever they're called. Well, I never understood why they needed to put those in the road, so I came up with my own explanation. This is it- there are some people that crashed their cars a long time ago, but their cars stayed there and the people were still in them (don't ask why I thought that, I have no idea) but the road was built on top of them. They didn't like it when people rode over top of where they were crashed under the cement, so they would honk at you when you drove over them. It sounded different though because the cement muffled the sound of the horn.

I know, I was a looney back then. Still am, actually. And I don't understand those things yet either. Except to get people to pay attention or wake up or something I suppose. I don't really know.

I am still making things for a fundraiser for Haiti. If anyone wants pot-holders, Christmas cards, birthday cards, or stationary I am making those right now. I am having a table at the craft sale with Melissa and maybe Anna and her mom I think, so I will be selling those there, but if anyone wants any before the sale or can't make it to the sale, let me know so I can get them to you! Same rules as my mom though- I can (have my mom) deliver it in Allendale, anything else will have to be picked up or shipped by you.

Thanks and have a happy Saturday/Sunday or whenever you read this!!

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Melissa said...

You have quite the imagination!!! :) For the craft sale, Anna will be there, but Jennifer will be gone. We don't have to pay for a table (yay!) because we're putting the proceeds towards missions. So yeah, I'll try to talk to you at church tomorrow...but you know how busy Sunday mornings are! :)