Thursday, January 28, 2010

Many Things.

First of all, wow, I haven't written in a long time. Sorry about that. Too much been going on (not complaining... or making excuses, just tellin' the story :] ) I decided it was finally time to write something anyways. So here we are.

Second of all, Haiti makes me want to cry and puke and eat junk food 'til I feel like I'm gonna die which brings more guilt for eating when they can't. I heard today that JQ99 is sending a reporter down there to get information. People, come on! THEY. DO. NOT. NEED. MORE. REPORTERS. Americans can get all the information they want from people who need and should be down there. Not from their favorite news station. If you are a doctor or a nurse or have medical training - feel free to go. If you speak Kreyol and can translate for some other doctors - go. If you want to be the next biggest newscaster and get all the up-to-date information that people are going to forget about in 10 seconds - do not go. Sorry for saying all this when I am not there, but if you think about it, common sense. They don't need reporters and media anymore. They got the attention they needed for support and aid to come in, now they need action. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be there right now. There's nothing I want more. But I know I can't because I can't speak Kreyol, can't lead a team, and can't do medical stuff. That is not where God is telling me to go right now. God is calling us to pray. Well, me anyways. Off my soap box...

Third of all, (thirdly of all? hmm...) friends are hard. I don't understand them sometimes. (Read: most of the time.) Especially high school ones. They change their minds and attitudes every 2.4 seconds. Gahh. People are dumb sometimes.

Fourth of all, some people impress me. There was a change drive at school for Haiti a week ago-ish, but I heard it didn't go well. The Haitian Church in GR has a food/medical/clothes drive going, so I asked my principal if we could do something like that at our school and I would bring it to the church for them (just with food/medical though). He said it was cool and got really excited about it! :) So that ends tomorrow - I pick up the stuff after school with my mom. I'll let you know how that turns out! I think it should go well; some teachers are offering extra credit for stuff brought in. :) I'm pretty excited about it. My French teacher got an e-mail from someone she knows that runs a school down there and asked for her to have us make cards, drawings and bookmarks for the kids in the school. She asked for them in French, but since I knew enough Kreyol, we got to put that on them instead. A few people in my class were really cool about the whole thing and made a lot of cards/pictures.

Fifth of all, I had my road test today! :) It went pretty well, and I got my liscense! Well actually just a little slip of paper 'til the other one comes in the mail, but it still counts. To celebrate, my mom got me Subway for dinner (yum.) and I made some popcorn and some Chai and then I ate some cookie dough! :D (Don't tell my soccer coach... ;) ) Overall, it was a pretty producive day :)

I think that's all for now. Sorry it was so long. I'll try to post more shorter ones from now on :)