Monday, March 31, 2008

♥ Westricks ♥

My grandma. :) She is in Florida right now... lucky duck. Haha.... she doesn't like to have her picture taken, so this is a suprisingly good picture of her. It makes her look smart. :)
My aunt Michelle and my psycho cousin Caden. I think he is 2, maybe 3. We went over to their house for Easter and he was pretending to drive a train. And then he kicked me off. He took me to swim lessons too. Then he made me drive, so I took him to Wiley Woods. He slept there and I had to go pick him up in the morning. I love that kid, he is so stinkin cute. (This was all part of the train story... I had to pretend to drive this train and take him to Wiley Woods and then pick him up in the morning. Sorry Melissa :P)
This is Kayla. She is 7 I think. Like Caden, she also has some funny moments but not as many. She is super cute though. I love her too :)
And this is Cole. He is 11. My brother is training him to be like a mini Logan, so I don't like that very much. They team up on me a lot. But I just give him a huge hug and kiss his forehead. Then he gets all embarassed... haha. I love it. One time, we were in a parking lot and he was acting all cool and hating on me (not really but whatever) so in the middle of the parking lot I was like "I LOVE YOU COLE!!" really loud. From the other side. :) He was pretty embarassed. But I enjoyed it. Hey I figure if he wants to make fun of me, I have every right to embarass him in public. So I don't care. The more embarassed the better. :D I feel so evil. But I love him too!
Another picture of Caden. He is cute. My aunt doesn't look very good though. Good thing she won't see this :) Haha... Caden loooooves having his picture taken. I would too if I was that cute :) He is adorable. He is allergic to a lot of stuff, so it is really funny when he starts asking what is in stuff. Like my mom's ice cream dessert thing we had for easter. I asked him is he wanted some, and he was like is there coconuts in it? Or peanuts? I like peanuts. But not coconuts... It was cute. (He is allergic to coconuts and all other tree nuts. But not peanuts.)

Ok so that is all except my uncle. Maybe my mom will post a picture of him (except I don't think you would want to see him... lol just kidding) because I don't have one. :) Love you uncle Roy!!

Peace out guys and don't be wiggin out on me. Haha... Tiffany...... :) lol.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Typing Test

72 words This is the best I got after about 5 trys. I beat Brenda though, so I'm ok with it :) Just kidding.

Since I was talking about the Yonkers anyways... here is something for Nate. (Sorry if you guys are getting sick of pictures...)(Just change to "ghetto" and you'll be ok.)

Don't know why this next one says "chad" in it. Otherwise it's ghetto. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008


Soccer started today! Woohoo! I was super excited, but not for this week. The first week is all conditioning stuff (which I need badly...). But after this week and next week, I am predicting about 5 girls will quit. Which would be EXCELLENT. Lots of people are really bad, and I know they aren't going to do very good. And also we have over 30 people on our team. Minus a couple of goalies... so about 29 players. 11 players on the field at a time... you do the math. Not much playing time. Last year I got 6 minutes every game. I hated it. One time I got 20 minutes, my record. But otherwise it was 6 or 7 minutes total. Bleh... boring and lame for all the work I put into soccer. Apparently our coach last year didn't think I was working as hard as I could, and our coach this year said she is judging playing time the same way. She thinks you work hard=playing time. Grrrr... so today I just about threw up a couple of times trying to make a good impression on the first day. Hmmmm wonderful :) Good way to start the season. But I am still excited to play once I am in better shape.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy resurection day!

Sorry I don't know how to spell resurection, but you know what I mean :)
I found some pictures to put on here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I am halfway to my 100th post after this post! (This is the 50th in case that was confusing to anyone) So here are some half things for you:

-When I was half the age I am now, I was 7.
-The age I am now is half of 28, and I should be living in Haiti by then :)
-Half of my birthdays have been away from my parents... (ok just one, but it was the 5th so it counts for more!)
-One half + one half of this post is probably really boring and unimportant information
-Probably about half of my friends are older then me (some a couple months, some a few years... or a lot of years :P)
-I wish I had a half brother instead of a whole brother because then I could deny most relation to him sometimes... just kidding. I want him to have been adopted.
-The total number of my cousins + 1 = 28 which is double my age, so take half of that and you get my age!! Wow that was a confusing one to figure out...
-Probably about half of my friends have been/ live in Haiti or are plannning to go there

Hmm that's all I can think of. Sorry folks... guess you will have to wait another 50 posts to find out more about me. But they won't all include the word half. Lucky huh? (Why did I just think of Nate?? Lol)

I figured out that I need a little over $500 still for July, so I am going to try and get that raised soon. And no Nate/Brenda/Mom I haven't talked to Tiffany yet about the printer thingy, so chill out aight?? Lol. Ooh I have some funny pictures for my ghettoness that I found yesterday. I will post those later though.

And also in case you didn't see them, I put new pictures on the side bar thing. There is a sort of title above them... :) Check it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am in science right now. Me and Anna are updating so check hers finally!!

I feel like a rebel because this is probably not allowed. Hahahaha sorry.

I told Anna to update, so you're welcome for that. :D

Oh and mom and mrs. Hill please don't kill us for updating in science. We finished early! Honest...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kids Day. I am 14. I have no kids. Ask me again in 10 years.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Am Still Alive

Thanks for caring about me :) lol. I forgot my camera though so I just will update and maybe put a different picture on in a second! Last night was fun. We are psychos... haha GREAT! Lol (inside joke I guess) Um I don't remember where we went for dinner, so I can't tell you that. Haha it was yummy though. Oh here is a conversation about my _____ dressing that came with my chicken strips... the ____ is because I don't know what kind of dressing it was... :/

Me:I don't know what this is...
Tiffany: Isn't it ranch?
Me: I don't know.
Tiffany: Does it taste like ranch?
Me: Kind of.....

And we saw this guy that had a clover shaved into his head. It was creepy. But funny. Then we watched the sunset from her car. We talked A LOT about random stuff. Later we went to StarBucks and played checkers (I won... whoop whoop) and tic-tac-toe. Then we sat there for a long time playing tic-tac-toe... and dropping the pieces all over the floor. Well Tiffany did anyways, I didn't. Crazy chica! Lol but I ♥ her! Then we sat outside in her car eating these muffin thingys that my mom made. We were driving home because my mommy said I had to be home by 11:00 and no later or I was grounded. Even 11:01=groundage. So then we got to my house at like 10:54 and we sat in the driveway talking for the rest of the time. And as I was walking inside, the clock started chiming 11:00. Whew... couldn't have got any closer to that one!

Tomorrow the Haiti team is talking during Sunday School hour. Be there or be square. Haha who says that anymore??? Besides me obviously. And we have homegroups tonight at 4:00. So Melissa I am thinking that this isn't going to work out so good today... hmm. :)

I think that's everything. 46th post! Woohoo! I am getting close now! Or not... :( Oh here is the picture I promised.

Ok so there's two of them. Sorry. These are on the plane going to California in September or whatever. Ooh and I am wearing that necklace today! So just pretend that was from today... :)

PeAcE oUt Yo!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome To My Mind

Ohhhh... today is good..... :)

But that's as much detail as needs to be publicly announced to all 5 of you. If you want to guess go ahead, but I'm not going to tell you. Bwahahaha I feel so evil!! Not really. Well maybe a little. Ok yeah I feel evil. Bwahahaha!!

Tomorrow I am excited for because I am going to hang out with Tiffany! Woohoo! I haven't seen her since Haiti, which is extremely insane. I think we decided that we are going to go to Johnny Carino's and then to the beach. We are most definitely crazy. My mom told me not to go on the pier if it is windy because she doesn't want me to blow away or have the waves come up and push me into the water so I drown. What a nice mother I have. So caring! :):):) Appreciate that madre... ♥♥♥♥♥

And then I think on Saturday or Sunday after church me and Melissa and Anna are going to go to Taco Bell. Haha. Taco Bell is so yummy... mmm. But I don't know for sure yet when.

Oh shoot I was just thinking of something to write and now I forgot. Umm...... hmm...... well...... uhh...... oh we are watching Monsters Inc. in band. Thought you would like to know that. Oh and also we are going to state! I'm such a band geek. But this is my last year (yesssssss!!!).

I REMEMBER! I was going to put a funny picture on here! I found this the other day looking at my Haiti pictures and never even noticed it until then. It is super funny.

Ok nevermind the computer won't let me upload it. Sad sad.

SOCCER STARTS IN 11 DAYS!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! I LOVE SOCCER! (mwen renmen futbol!)

My friend got her braces off a yesterday and then she got SubWay. Lucky. I love SubWay. Yum. Even better then Taco Bell.

Ooh dinner tonight was really good. We had pork ribs, green beans, and mashed potatoes. YUM it was so good.

This is kind of a food based post. I'm sorry. I will try to be more interesting in the future.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Added Pictures

to the last post. That's all I have time to say after that. Just wanted all you Google Reader people to know that there were pictures now. Ok, later dudes.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dude you're whacked!

Hahaha... Nate said that in his sermon tonight. I thought that was funny especially since in Haiti I kept trying to "distract" him or whatever, and we were just talking like that... example (from when we were supposed to be going to get the mule/donkey/horses but Paige wasn't done with my hair yet... and Nate was leaving without us. How rude... anyways this is the convo)

Me: Nate! Come here I have to talk to you!
Nate: (walking over) Ok what?
Me: ........ sup?
Nate: Sup?
(I don't remember what we were saying exactly, but we were talking in like "wannabe cool" but nobody really talks like that. Except Nate. Haha just kidding. Anyways the conversation went on like that for a couple minutes but then he left without us anyways. Jeanbeauvis and Tipap were laughing at us sitting by this rock getting my hair done. And laughing harder when everyone left without us.)

I was trying really hard not to laugh when he said that during his sermon. He said afterwards that he was thinking "This is for Tori..." or something like that. I would've laughed SO hard if he would've said that. Haha, it's funny thinking about it. :)

Ok more serious now. I am asking if all of you will pray for me sometime. I have a lot of friends in Haiti that I am missing reallllllllllllllllllly bad right now. People at school don't really understand why I miss them so much or why I am friends with them even though we don't speak the same language. I was trying to put pictures of my friends there on this lame thing but it wouldn't work. So this post is once again pictureless. Anyways, I guess I am just asking you to pray... hmm.... not that I won't miss them anymore because that isn't what is bothering me... I guess that it won't hurt so much to be away from them. And that the time between now and this summer will FLY by (not that I am wishing my life away or anything though. No scarcasm there either). And also to pray that the people at school would be able to understand a little better or just learn how to accept that yeah, maybe I am different then them. Yeah, I go to Haiti. Yeah, I like it. Yeah, I like learning/speaking Creole. Yeah, I don't want to take Spanish next year because French would have more purpose for my life. And yeah, I don't care what people think of me going on mission trips there because their opinions don't matter that much and I know tons of people who accept it and I can talk about. So now that that was an extremely long prayer request... haha. Thank you guys!!

I think that is all. I will try to get pictures on here tomorrow. Not sure why it didn't work, but hopefully it will work by tomorrow. Otherwise I will get them on here eventually I suppose. :)


EDIT: Here are the pics I promised-
Ti-Pap (pronounced tea-pahp) and his younger brother Joelle (pronouned Jho-el [The J kind is pretty silent I guess you could say... kind of sounds like a shhh, but different]). Both of them work at the mission, usually at the gate. But I think they do other things too. I know Ti-Pap does a lot else around the mission too. Ti-Pap is working on his English and is extremely good at it I would say. So I think he translates sometimes if he needs too. I know he translates for me and Tiffany sometimes!! On our last night, we were all hanging out on the swingset, me and Tiffany and Ti-Pap later were underneath on the tireswing, Paige and Jeanbeauvis and Joelle were walking/swinging outside. But then just randomly Ti-Pap was looking at our house and says (actually whispers... the whole conversation is whispering by him) "I think Tori's daddy is sleeping." And me and Tiffany were laughing and Tiffany was like "How do you know that?" So Ti-Pap said "I don't know I just think so." Then we were all laughing. Tiffany said "Is my daddy sleeping too?" Ti-Pap said "No I see your daddy over by the canteen." Tiffany was like "You do? Where is he? I don't see him." And Ti-Pap said "Well not right now. But I saw him earlier." More laughing. Then about 3 minutes later it was quiet and Ti-Pap says "I see your daddy now." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA we about died laughing. That was hilarious. I don't have a funny story about Joelle though. Sorry. We didn't spend as much time with him because Ti-Pap always made him work at the gate. What a nice big brother right? Haha. Sometimes he was with us, but I have no funny stories. They are both really cool guys though.Jeanbeauvis (pronounced John Bo-vay for all you non-Creole speakers. Haha) This is a funny picture because it looks like he has a mustache... hmm. He doesn't really. It doesn't really look that much like him either, but I put it up because (sounds mean, but I don't mean it too.) you can actually see him. Usually the picture is too dark to see him. Ok... just looked at that again and it doesn't look like him at all. Maybe like 35%. Maybe. He goes to school at Lifeline. Sometimes we talk him into helping us do stuff when we're there but otherwise I don't think he does much else at the mission besides talk to Paige and Ti-Pap and everyone. He is pretty cool too. Everytime I try to say something to him in Creole, he says (in English) "You speak Creole?" and I say "You speak English?" and then he laughs at me. His English isn't very good at all. He knows like 20 words maybe. (Better then in August but not enough to carry on a conversation) Usually Ti-Pap translates for me, Tiffany, and him if we want to talk.
Macare (pronouned Mah-cah-re) Haha, I just learned that I was saying his name wrong like a few days into the last trip. Whoops. Sorry dude! This is such a bad picture. Paige has a better one, but she won't put any of her pictures on anything because they take so long to upload down there. So here I sit. With another bad picture of him. I met him at the carnival last year. Actually while I was talking to him, my mom was meeting the rest of the family and we never even knew until afterwards at dinner! I'm pretty sure he's my age. I know he was 13 in August but I don't know if he had his birthday yet. When we go out in the village usually he comes with us. That's okay though because he is pretty cool. He came to the dam swimming with us too. Actually on the way back from the dam one day, he was talking to Paige (his English is not so good... neither is my Creole. Our conversations are usually short.) and she was translating some stuff that he wanted to say to me. Apparently he asked if I wanted to fight. Just right there in the middle of the road. I had Noah on my back, but I was like being all white-American-gangsta (haha like usual huh?) and I was like "Alright! Let's go! I'll take you down so fast that won't even be a fight!" I think Paige translated because he was laughing. Never got to fight though. Darn... :)
This is Robensin. (ro-bin-sin) Simple name to pronounce huh? That's probably because I have no idea how to spell his name so I sound it out. Haha. He is a translator at the mission. He taught himself English before and he is REALLY good at it. He is pretty interesting. Haha... he's cool too. I think he is also in charge of the sponsership program for Lifeline. I know that both times I was there, we went to a school to do updates for the sponsership program and he was writing stuff down in this folder he has, and he has a camera for taking pictures of the kids to be sponsered, and he has a little whiteboard that you write the kids name on. So I don't know if he just does that or if he is in charge of it. Can you see his necklace? Me and Tiffany and Paige decided that it looked like a heart, so we were teasing him. I think it was the first day we were there... anyways, Paige I think said "Robensin are you in love?" and he laughed and was like "No, why?" and we were like "Your necklace looks like a heart." But I don't remember what he said after that.
Peter. (You better know how to pronounce that...:)) He is another translator at the mission. I think he said that he grew up in America. I don't remember when he moved there though. He was deported back to Haiti though after a while. I'm pretty sure that's why he knows English. Haha, well living in America for about 10+ years could do that do a person... haha. He was the translator for our rotation in August, but I didn't see him very much this time. He says he was really busy which is understandable because his wife had another baby a few months ago. I think his baby and Lydia are about the same age, but I don't know for sure. I don't have any funny stories about him except that he left us at the school to go do something. Fine, whatever, Robensin was supposed to call him when we were finished so he could come pick us up with the truck. So he called. And we waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And just as we were about to get a tour of the offices in the school or something like that, he shows up. He is a really cool guy though.

The fabulous Paigeita. Haha, I call her that and she calls me Toriffic. In case you didn't know or can't figure it out, her name to the common people is Paige. She is Troy and Tara's daughter (the missionaries down there) and she is 13. She runs the formula program and I think she teaches English sometimes... not sure about the English though. Also she helps Jen in the medical clinic sometimes when she isn't at school. (Paige-if any of this is wrong and you read this let me know!) Hmm....... a funny story about Paige. What to pick what to pick? This is probably the hardest one to have a funny story because there are so many. Ok, Nate brought down candy for the Livesay's. Paige requested Sour Patch Kids, but there weren't any, so Nate brought her two bags of Sour Lifesavers instead. As soon as he gave them to her, she opened one and started eating them. She gave me like 5 or something of them. Then I stole the bag later and had some more, but that's only a minor detail right?! Haha... So we got bored and went out by the gate to talk to people. We were both really hyper and like jumping around like crazy people. The Haitians by the gate we calling us macici (translation not recomended... not a bad word but I don't feel like translating that. Maybe later.) because we were trying to ballroom dance. I had to be the guy everytime. One time I think on a different day, we were dancing, and totally fell over right in front of the gate! It was HILARIOUS!! I landed right on top of her, earning us some more "macicis". I thought I was going to die laughing. And she took my candy bracelet that Mrs. Hill and Anna got for me and broke it all over the floor. I will never forgive her for that. Well maybe... ok I already did but anyways... :)

Most of these people you already know from previous pictures. But anyways... Jeanbeauvis, Ti-Pap, Paige, Tiffany, me, and Aaron. Tiffany and Aaron I will talk about in another post!! Sorry Paige isn't smiling, I have two pictures like this and one she is smiling in and one she isn't. This is the first one I picked, and when it uploaded I saw it was the wrong one. But I didn't feel like uploading another picture since this one took long enough already, so here you go. An unsmiling Paige. I'm extremely sorry for your loss at this moment. She has a nice smile, she just chose not to use it in this particular instance. So there. I'm done with the pictures. Whew that was hard work.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Book of a comment

I was commenting on Melissa's comment and it got really long. So that is going to be my update for today. It's kind of confusing though. (If you want to read it, go to the comments on the last post and it should be the last comment.)

Also, our band went to festival yesterday and got STRAIGHT 1S!!! In case you don't know, that is really really really good. That is the best you can do. AHHHHHHH! So now we probably are going to state, but we have to vote on it tomorrow. Yuck.

My brother got the Wii from Christmas that he has been waiting for a couple days ago. He is obsessed. That's all I have to say about that.

Tiffany comes back on Saturday! I am so excited! She has been in North Carolina for a while... :(. But not many of you know her I am guessing, so sorry about that. She goes to Haiti and is a senior in college. I have some pictures of her that I posted before and I think there is one on the side if you really want to know who I am talking about. :)

Strawberry milk is yummy. I am drinking some right now. I love it, but I like Hershey better then Nesquik. Thought you would all like to know that.... haha. Yeah right. But now you do. So Kisa kounye-a bonbon?!? Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha. That doesn't mean "kiss my butt" (according to Nate and Brenda it does... long story) It means "What now candy?" Usually I say "What now sucker??" But sucker or lollipop wasn't in the dictionary we have, so I settled for candy. Plus it is really fun to say bonbon. I am a dork, yes I know.

Well, so much for not posting today huh? Ha, since I already lied I guess I will stop now and move on with everything that I have to get done today. Homework is yucky. And technically child labor because it is forcing kids to do work they don't want to do. Even a teacher I had last year agrees with me. So I shouldn't have to do this gayness (sorry for my language) but I do. So here I go... child labor-here I come.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Child Called "It"

I don't know how many of you have heard of or read this book before, but I highly recommend it. Actually I read this a few months ago, I just haven't gotten to posting about it until now. It is a true story written by Dave Pelzer about child abuse. Dave Pelzer is also the child in the book. I finished this book in one day... I couldn't put it down. It is sad and shocking and amazing and everything else all put together. (I sound like a review person... yuck. Haha) I think I cried at the end. This book just gives you a visual of how good we had it (hopefully) as a child. And now I guess too. There are 3 books total but I have only read this one so far. I want to read the other ones sometime though. So if you can, I would tell you to read this book if you get a chance!! :)

(sorry-I just learned how to do those... :D)