Saturday, March 22, 2008


I am halfway to my 100th post after this post! (This is the 50th in case that was confusing to anyone) So here are some half things for you:

-When I was half the age I am now, I was 7.
-The age I am now is half of 28, and I should be living in Haiti by then :)
-Half of my birthdays have been away from my parents... (ok just one, but it was the 5th so it counts for more!)
-One half + one half of this post is probably really boring and unimportant information
-Probably about half of my friends are older then me (some a couple months, some a few years... or a lot of years :P)
-I wish I had a half brother instead of a whole brother because then I could deny most relation to him sometimes... just kidding. I want him to have been adopted.
-The total number of my cousins + 1 = 28 which is double my age, so take half of that and you get my age!! Wow that was a confusing one to figure out...
-Probably about half of my friends have been/ live in Haiti or are plannning to go there

Hmm that's all I can think of. Sorry folks... guess you will have to wait another 50 posts to find out more about me. But they won't all include the word half. Lucky huh? (Why did I just think of Nate?? Lol)

I figured out that I need a little over $500 still for July, so I am going to try and get that raised soon. And no Nate/Brenda/Mom I haven't talked to Tiffany yet about the printer thingy, so chill out aight?? Lol. Ooh I have some funny pictures for my ghettoness that I found yesterday. I will post those later though.

And also in case you didn't see them, I put new pictures on the side bar thing. There is a sort of title above them... :) Check it.


Diane said...

ummmmm... o-k...

...wouldn't last 5 minutes in your mind... good thing you have those voices to keep you company! :)

Tori said...

UHHHHH! That was HARSH! And my own mother too! I feel so unloved and alonnnne in the world... :'(

Melissa said...

I love you Tori and you're not alone in the world. I also love the new pictures on your sidebar.
And...your half stuff made me laugh. Especially the one about your brother. I thought you were going to be nice...and then I saw that you wish he was adopted. LOL!
And the thing about your friends being older? Funny cuz most of mine are younger! :)

Mari said...

Pretty inventive post! Tell your Mom your mind is fine!

Diane said...

You know that I love you and all the things about you silly girl!

Jennifer said...

I decided to read 1/2 of your post Tori speed and 1/2 of your post with one eye shut 'cause your giving me a headache.

tiffinish said...

printer thingy???? ;)