Saturday, May 31, 2008


This was from the shower today that we went to for my cousin Nadine. She is getting married the day before we leave for Haiti this summer. One of the games they had us play was called "The White Stuff", and they had 11 bags of white/tan powder come around and we had to guess what it was. I got 4 right. This was all supposed to be kitchen stuff, but I had noooo idea for most of these. So I guessed. Number 7 is my personal favorite. Note that I got it right, and my mom guessed powdered sugar and got it wrong. Guessing works for me... :) Number 11 is also a good one, but I was way off on that one. I don't remember what it actually was though. Number 5 is good too I think. Number 8 is supposed to be corn meal, but I couldn't think of the name.

Enlarge the picture so you can see it, if you can't see it, before you read this.

By the way... I only had "dehydrated dough" down for number 7 at first. Once she read it I wrote it down on the side so I wouldn't forget what it was. My cousin Sara was reading the answers, and when she got to number 7 I started to cross it off because I figured it was wrong since it was such a crazy answer. But then I was thinking about it, and I was like "Bisquick... dehydrated dough... kind of the same thing." So I asked her if mine was right, and she said it was! That gave everyone in the room a good laugh. Glad I could be of service. My mom was laughing at me the whole time I was writing stuff down. Hey, it's not my fault I can't think of these things. I never cook. I never bake. But I still got four right :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cousins of Mine...

Funny quotes of the day:

"True dat" (repeating

"Sorry, right now I'm in a fight to the death with a cake..."

Caden and Cole and me-
(Caden put his hood on)
Me-"Caden are you from the hood?"
Cole-"Are you from the sweatshirt?"
Caden-"YEAHHH...I'm wearing a sweatshirt!!" (in a 'duhhh isn't it obvious' tone)

My cousins are adorable. I love them :) Caden is 3, Kayla is 7, and Cole is 11. There is also one of Kayla's friends spending the night. Her name is Alaina. She is cute too, but I am biased to my cousins... haha. I'm sure there were more funny things they said, but I can't remember them right now... maybe later I will edit this and add them in. They are hilarious kids. HILARIOUS.

Word up dawgs

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Semester of Spanish Love Song

If you get bored (haha yeah I bet you all get bored a lot huh? That's why you're reading my blog... lol) then go to YouTube and type in "one semester of spanish love song". A girl in my Spanish class found it and we watched it today in class. I will translate it for you just so you know what they are saying... Spanish and English versions...

Hola senorita. Como te llamas? Me llamo Mike. Me llamo Mike. Donde esta el bano? Feliz cumpleanos. Que hora es? Que hora es? La da da da da. Me gusta la biblioteca. Viva en la casa roja. Yo tengo dos bicicletas. Muchos gracias y de nada. Cuantos anos tienes? Uno momento por favor. It's the one semester of Spanish, Spanish love song. Mi mama es bonita. Mi gato es muy blanco. Perdoneme. Perdoneme! La da da da da. Uno dos tres y cuatro, cinco seis siete ocho, nueve diez... No remembero how to say "eleven..." Antonio Bandaras. Nachos grande y cinnamon twists. It's the one semester of Spanish, Spanish loooove song. Au revoir.

Hello miss. What's your name? My name is Mike. My name is Mike. Where is the bathroom? Happy birthday. What time is it? What time is it? La da da da. I like the library. She lives in the red house. I have two bicycles. Thank you very much and you're welcome. How old are you? One moment please. It's the one semester of Spanish, Spanish love song. My mom is pretty. My cat is very white. Excuse me. Excuse me! La da da da da. 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6, ,7, 8, 9, 10... No remembero how to say "eleven..." Antonion Bandaras. Nachos big and cinnamon twists. It's the one semester of Spanish, Spanish loooove song. Bye (that last part was in French actually...)

Update Finally

Wow! I haven't updated in almost a month!! Sorry, I bet you were all very concerned about me... ;)

Soccer was finished yesterday. Our final record was 5-4-3... that's 5 wins, 4 ties, and 3 losses for anyone who was confused. That was an AMAZING season compared to last year when we were 3-1-6. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to play again next year or not. Some days I like it and some days I don't. So I will be thinking about that, but I have a while to think about it. I like playing, but the JV coach is our coach from last year and I don't like her too much, and I don't think she likes me either. She is a good coach, but yeah.

Last week at our last home game, Tammy came with all the kids... that was pretty interesting. And Tiffany came for the second half. She went to the highschool first since neither one of us thought about the fact that she didn't know where it was at. After that, we went out for a while to hang out. It was a lot of fun! The next time maybe Aaron can come with us too because I haven't seen him since Haiti!! I don't think Tiff has either, but I don't know for sure. (So I still have his pictures from Chad... lol)

8th grade grad was fun. I don't have my pics on here yet, but my camera died before I got too many anyways, so if you saw my mom's, that's about all it was. My dress was driving me crazy by the end of the night! I never ever wear dresses usually (I have 2 - not including my grad dress - , but I never wear them, I usually save them for my cousin's weddings since there are so many of them, or when I am feeling especially girly... not often)

I can't wait to be out of middle school!! Our grade has been in this school since Kindergarten... they changed schools at just the right time that everyone got to change but us. Oh actually I think the grade above us was the same as we were, been there since K. We had highschool orientation today, that was interesting. The only part I am scared for is lunch. Since there are two lunches, I might not end up with my friends. And knowing my luck, all my friends will be in one lunch and I will be in the other. Which could happen too because I am taking a lot of different classes than them.

Ooh here is a question for you guys - Should I take Spanish 2 or French 1 next year? I took/am taking Spanish 1 this year, and my Spanish teacher told me that I might want to think about taking Spanish 2 next year so that this year isn't a complete waste. You have to have 2 years of a foreign language to graduate, and it has to be the same one. I wanted to take French though because they have the same colors, numbers, and shapes as Creole does. That would make it a TON easier for me to learn Creole I think because numbers are my weakness... I counted wrong in English for the longest time. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9... or 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,90... or even 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19... it took me a while to remember 8/80/18.

I think that's enough for a while because I can't think of anything else.