Friday, May 23, 2008

Cousins of Mine...

Funny quotes of the day:

"True dat" (repeating

"Sorry, right now I'm in a fight to the death with a cake..."

Caden and Cole and me-
(Caden put his hood on)
Me-"Caden are you from the hood?"
Cole-"Are you from the sweatshirt?"
Caden-"YEAHHH...I'm wearing a sweatshirt!!" (in a 'duhhh isn't it obvious' tone)

My cousins are adorable. I love them :) Caden is 3, Kayla is 7, and Cole is 11. There is also one of Kayla's friends spending the night. Her name is Alaina. She is cute too, but I am biased to my cousins... haha. I'm sure there were more funny things they said, but I can't remember them right now... maybe later I will edit this and add them in. They are hilarious kids. HILARIOUS.

Word up dawgs


Melissa said...

They sound funny! I love Caden's "true dat" thing you know he's gonna sound just like you! :)

Diane said...

How funny! Caden reminds me of Noah L. I also think Nate would get along really well with him! That would be a great conversation to listen to! :)