Saturday, May 31, 2008


This was from the shower today that we went to for my cousin Nadine. She is getting married the day before we leave for Haiti this summer. One of the games they had us play was called "The White Stuff", and they had 11 bags of white/tan powder come around and we had to guess what it was. I got 4 right. This was all supposed to be kitchen stuff, but I had noooo idea for most of these. So I guessed. Number 7 is my personal favorite. Note that I got it right, and my mom guessed powdered sugar and got it wrong. Guessing works for me... :) Number 11 is also a good one, but I was way off on that one. I don't remember what it actually was though. Number 5 is good too I think. Number 8 is supposed to be corn meal, but I couldn't think of the name.

Enlarge the picture so you can see it, if you can't see it, before you read this.

By the way... I only had "dehydrated dough" down for number 7 at first. Once she read it I wrote it down on the side so I wouldn't forget what it was. My cousin Sara was reading the answers, and when she got to number 7 I started to cross it off because I figured it was wrong since it was such a crazy answer. But then I was thinking about it, and I was like "Bisquick... dehydrated dough... kind of the same thing." So I asked her if mine was right, and she said it was! That gave everyone in the room a good laugh. Glad I could be of service. My mom was laughing at me the whole time I was writing stuff down. Hey, it's not my fault I can't think of these things. I never cook. I never bake. But I still got four right :)


Diane said...

First of all, who wouldn't laugh at "minced egg shell"????? I had a good time just listening to some of your guesses! I'm glad Sara and Rachel said that Bisquick/"dehydrated dough" answer was acceptable! I believe I made a comment about one day going to your house for dinner - please don't use any minced egg shells in your cooking! :)

BTW - who was it again that won that game? hmmm....

oh yeah - it was ME!! :p

(on that note - is there anyone reading this that might be interested in some lotion? I now have at least 4 bottles of scented lotion that I can't even imagine using up - maybe I should use this as my give away for my 200th post)

Jennifer said...

Hey girlie! You are so funny you really ought to blog more regularly.