Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beat my mom by 15% hmm...??

You Are Fairly Normal

You scored 60% normal on this quiz

Like most people you are normal in some ways...

But you aren't a completely normal person. You're a little weird too!

Why You Are Normal:

If you had to, you rather live without music and still have laughter

You rather be screwed over than screw someone else over

You think fishnet stockings are trashy

You prefer the sun to the moon

You'd rather have rats than cockroaches in your home

Why You Aren't Normal:

You would rather be tan than pale

When you're in a car, you prefer to be the passenger

You would rather be a movie star than an astronaut

You prefer a good nap to a good meal

If given the choice, you would choose to have more time over more money

Monday, April 14, 2008


Today I am venting. Be warned.

School is dumb. I only have 8 years left. YUCK. Some of it isn't so bad, but there is a ton of drama and immature people and mean people and people that don't like me. But I don't care if people don't like me. Their loss :D lol. And some people don't even have a good reason not to like me or their not liking me streams from their immaturity. Usually soccer is kind of my release, but even that isn't going very good this year. My coach doesn't like me I don't think. Since there are so many people on our team she decided to split us up into 3 "squads" (red, white, and black) Black is the more advanced players, and red and white are the ones that need work. Guess what one I'm on... last game I was on the white one and this game I am on the red. I hate that. So sometimes I run to release from that, but I got WAAYYYY out of shape this winter, so it has been harder to run. Plus it is still kind of cold outside which is hard to run in because it hurts my lungs. And one of my friends is "mad" at me (don't know if she really is or not) because I wouldn't tell her something. AHHHH she won't let me explain why I can't tell her either. Too many people know already........... only 3 or 4 people have a reason to know. 5 people know right now and only 2 of those are included in the "right to know" category. Soooo I need to learn to keep my mouth shut about my own secrets. I never tell other peoples though. UGHHH I am really frustrated and I need to go scream into a pillow or something.

I leave for Haiti in 98 days :) (or 14 weeks and 6 days if you like that better)
I get to play soccer
I have no life-threatening diseases
Most of my friends are talking to me
Summer is coming soon
Only 7 weeks left of middle school (then hopefully I can be homeschooled, if any wants to volunteer to homeschool me you will be my new favorite person :D)
I have a house, lots of food and clothes, warmth/AC, electricity, computer, camera, cell phone, etc.
My parents are still married
My grandma is coming back from Florida soon
**Something to say at homegroups**
My room is redone (pics soon I promise)
Shopping doesn't require going to market. I like market though... :(
There is a multitude of stores anywhere I go (in America) that I can shop at, and most of the time have money to buy things at. (Not that I buy stuff all the time though because I believe that is a waste. Especially after Haiti)
Jesus is the lord of my life and He is coming back soon!!

Sorry for all the complaining. I will try not to do that anymore... because I hate doing that. Blehhhh life is dumb right now. No worries though. :D

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Nate made me cry. Meanie.


Babysitted continued

I love being babysitted :) And Tiffany. And Starbucks. And going to Meijer and buying cookie 'n' cream ice cream, ranch pretzels, Twin mints (don't recomend these, they are really gross) and peanut butter m & ms. And talking to Aaron on speaker phone for an hour. And talking to Paige/Aaron online. And staying up until 3am. And sleeping on the floor like a sleepover...haha. And waking up at 11:40am. And eating ice cream for breakfast/lunch. And sending offline messages on MSN when the person is sitting right next to you and is reading them and replying.

So there that tells you about a summary of what we did. HA good luck trying to figure that out. :)

Room pictures... coming soon!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


That is so a word... :)

Today Tiffany is coming over to dogsit/housesit/Torisit. I told everyone I am being babysitted and I am sticking to it, no matter what my mom wants to call it. Lol. She is coming over at 1:00ish, and I have to finish putting my room back together, so I'd better get moving. Also I am going to take a shower and eat some lunch. Then the leftover time I will be reading. There is a reading challenge thing at school and if you read 3500 pages you get a gym/movie day. That means a whole day without having to go to class without any homework. Also at 2500 pages you get a pizza party. Not to big on that but oh well. Right now I have a little over 1000 pages read. So yeah... I need to read.

My room has been redone. I think it looks cool. My brother said it hurts his eyes. What a goon... It is really bright and I am not liking that too much, but ehhh it's ok. I'll figure it out sooner or later. I think I need to paint my fan though. :D Ohh mooom!!! Haha yeah right. I'll try to post pictures later when it looks actually finished, since my furniture is moved into the center and I have a desk that I need to get rid of. ((Oh if anyone wants a steelcase desk, go for it)) And there is a ton of stuff that needs to go in the attic but I am waiting for a box.

Ahhhh *sigh* I guess I better go now.

Be chill yo...

Oh great, same as Brenda... :(

You Are An Exclamation Point
You are a bundle of... well, something.
You're often a bundle of joy, passion, or drama.

You're loud, brash, and outgoing. If you think it, you say it.
Definitely not the quiet type, you really don't keep a lot to yourself.

You're lively and inspiring. People love to be around your energy.
(But they do secretly worry that you'll spill their secrets without even realizing it.)

You excel in: Public speaking

You get along best with: the Dash
What Punctuation Mark Are You?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Skit Guys

I love these guys! We saw them at a youth group conference we were at last year, and I looked them up online when we got back. They have every video they ever made on here I think. My favorites are probably the one on my mom's blog, this one, and this one. One that is more meaningful/saddish is this one. I like that one too though. A lot.

They are kind of long, sorry about that. But I think they are HILARIOUS so I don't care. The longer the better. :) Hope you like them!! If you want to watch more, click on the video tab on the top of the page. Then scroll down and you can pick whatever one you want. All of them are good I think... so whatever you pick should be good!! Have fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Soccer/IDK my bff Anna

We had our first soccer game today. And we lost. 0-2. Boooo. Oh well, I played as hard as I could, so I don't really care. I wasn't upset about how I played, which makes losing not matter really for me.

OOH! I talked to Anna tonight! She called on Monday but my phone was off. Then she called today during last hour I guess, but my phone died and we were at a faculty vs. 8th grade bball game... so I was supposed to call her back after last hour... but my phone was dead like I said. So I called her earlier. :D Heehee I love her. ♥

Aren't you jealous Mrs. Hill??