Thursday, April 3, 2008

Soccer/IDK my bff Anna

We had our first soccer game today. And we lost. 0-2. Boooo. Oh well, I played as hard as I could, so I don't really care. I wasn't upset about how I played, which makes losing not matter really for me.

OOH! I talked to Anna tonight! She called on Monday but my phone was off. Then she called today during last hour I guess, but my phone died and we were at a faculty vs. 8th grade bball game... so I was supposed to call her back after last hour... but my phone was dead like I said. So I called her earlier. :D Heehee I love her. ♥

Aren't you jealous Mrs. Hill??


Diane said...

How's your futbol war wound doing?

Jennifer said...

I would be jealous if I hadn't been talking to her almost every day. Hey I will be picking her up Tuesday morning from my folks house, do you want to come along and surprise her? That is if she isn't reading this first.

Melissa said...

Too bad about the game :( But as long as you tried your best!!!
Yay for talking to Anna! I bet she can't wait to see you :)