Monday, April 14, 2008


Today I am venting. Be warned.

School is dumb. I only have 8 years left. YUCK. Some of it isn't so bad, but there is a ton of drama and immature people and mean people and people that don't like me. But I don't care if people don't like me. Their loss :D lol. And some people don't even have a good reason not to like me or their not liking me streams from their immaturity. Usually soccer is kind of my release, but even that isn't going very good this year. My coach doesn't like me I don't think. Since there are so many people on our team she decided to split us up into 3 "squads" (red, white, and black) Black is the more advanced players, and red and white are the ones that need work. Guess what one I'm on... last game I was on the white one and this game I am on the red. I hate that. So sometimes I run to release from that, but I got WAAYYYY out of shape this winter, so it has been harder to run. Plus it is still kind of cold outside which is hard to run in because it hurts my lungs. And one of my friends is "mad" at me (don't know if she really is or not) because I wouldn't tell her something. AHHHH she won't let me explain why I can't tell her either. Too many people know already........... only 3 or 4 people have a reason to know. 5 people know right now and only 2 of those are included in the "right to know" category. Soooo I need to learn to keep my mouth shut about my own secrets. I never tell other peoples though. UGHHH I am really frustrated and I need to go scream into a pillow or something.

I leave for Haiti in 98 days :) (or 14 weeks and 6 days if you like that better)
I get to play soccer
I have no life-threatening diseases
Most of my friends are talking to me
Summer is coming soon
Only 7 weeks left of middle school (then hopefully I can be homeschooled, if any wants to volunteer to homeschool me you will be my new favorite person :D)
I have a house, lots of food and clothes, warmth/AC, electricity, computer, camera, cell phone, etc.
My parents are still married
My grandma is coming back from Florida soon
**Something to say at homegroups**
My room is redone (pics soon I promise)
Shopping doesn't require going to market. I like market though... :(
There is a multitude of stores anywhere I go (in America) that I can shop at, and most of the time have money to buy things at. (Not that I buy stuff all the time though because I believe that is a waste. Especially after Haiti)
Jesus is the lord of my life and He is coming back soon!!

Sorry for all the complaining. I will try not to do that anymore... because I hate doing that. Blehhhh life is dumb right now. No worries though. :D


Nate and Brenda said...

Sorry that school is not going so well. You have a great list of positives though!! Keep your chin up! We leave for Haiti in 98 days! Yeah less than a 100!!

Melissa said...

sometimes you just need to vent, so go ahead and scream okay?
i'll homeschool you :D
and good job for listing all those positive things...see, life isn't that bad! :) ♥

Mari said...

Melissa is right - sometimes a little venting helps. And good for you - you can still see all the positives in your life. Things will get better!

Diane said...

You are so awesome, Tori! Life will always be hard because we live in a world that's imperfect. I thank God that you can look at the blessings He's given you too and not only focus on the tough parts of your life. God gives you the grace you need to get through those hard times and friends and family to walk with you. :) Love you, hon!

Chad and Tammy said...

It's so good that you can be honest with how you're feeling. I remember all of the "friend issues" in middle and high school. It stinks!

When I read your post, I kept thinking of the song that we sang on Sunday. "It's all because of Jesus I'm alive." Just remember that it's all because of Him, and the rest of the issues won't seem so big.

Hang in there!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad I am out of school! It frustrates me when I hear of things going on at school because I hate that y'all need to deal with that junk. Why can't everyone just get along and be nice?
Hang in there.

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tiffany said...

i hope that everything is going better since this...i'm sorry that everything is so rough right now. just like everyone wiser than me as already said...hang in there. he's in control...sooo...cling for all your worth, hang on tight, and try to remember that there's a reason that you have to go through this right crappy as it is. you're in my thoughts and prayers love :)

ooh and doll face...its ok to vent and complain every once in a while...we've all got to do it occasionally...

Nate and Brenda said...

Hey, it's okay! You forgot the best positive thing though, you know me!! I'm just catching up on blogs....I made you cry??

tiffany said...

hahahaha...ahhh make me laugh :) haha :D