Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome To My Mind

Ohhhh... today is good..... :)

But that's as much detail as needs to be publicly announced to all 5 of you. If you want to guess go ahead, but I'm not going to tell you. Bwahahaha I feel so evil!! Not really. Well maybe a little. Ok yeah I feel evil. Bwahahaha!!

Tomorrow I am excited for because I am going to hang out with Tiffany! Woohoo! I haven't seen her since Haiti, which is extremely insane. I think we decided that we are going to go to Johnny Carino's and then to the beach. We are most definitely crazy. My mom told me not to go on the pier if it is windy because she doesn't want me to blow away or have the waves come up and push me into the water so I drown. What a nice mother I have. So caring! :):):) Appreciate that madre... ♥♥♥♥♥

And then I think on Saturday or Sunday after church me and Melissa and Anna are going to go to Taco Bell. Haha. Taco Bell is so yummy... mmm. But I don't know for sure yet when.

Oh shoot I was just thinking of something to write and now I forgot. Umm...... hmm...... well...... uhh...... oh we are watching Monsters Inc. in band. Thought you would like to know that. Oh and also we are going to state! I'm such a band geek. But this is my last year (yesssssss!!!).

I REMEMBER! I was going to put a funny picture on here! I found this the other day looking at my Haiti pictures and never even noticed it until then. It is super funny.

Ok nevermind the computer won't let me upload it. Sad sad.

SOCCER STARTS IN 11 DAYS!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! I LOVE SOCCER! (mwen renmen futbol!)

My friend got her braces off a yesterday and then she got SubWay. Lucky. I love SubWay. Yum. Even better then Taco Bell.

Ooh dinner tonight was really good. We had pork ribs, green beans, and mashed potatoes. YUM it was so good.

This is kind of a food based post. I'm sorry. I will try to be more interesting in the future.


Diane said...

You have a beautiful mind! It's just sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with you! :) I wouldn't want you to get swept off the pier by a rogue wave so just be careful! Maybe I should surprise you sometime with Subway at school - you'd like that wouldn't you?!

Mari said...

Your Mom is right! Stay off the pier. Take some pictures to show us you went and are okay!

Melissa said...

I like food :)
Have fun tomorrow with Tiffany. Be careful at the beach...which one are you going to? I want to see pictures okay? :)

Jennifer said...

Why is this the first I am hearing of said Taco Bell run? Hmmm?