Thursday, March 6, 2008

Book of a comment

I was commenting on Melissa's comment and it got really long. So that is going to be my update for today. It's kind of confusing though. (If you want to read it, go to the comments on the last post and it should be the last comment.)

Also, our band went to festival yesterday and got STRAIGHT 1S!!! In case you don't know, that is really really really good. That is the best you can do. AHHHHHHH! So now we probably are going to state, but we have to vote on it tomorrow. Yuck.

My brother got the Wii from Christmas that he has been waiting for a couple days ago. He is obsessed. That's all I have to say about that.

Tiffany comes back on Saturday! I am so excited! She has been in North Carolina for a while... :(. But not many of you know her I am guessing, so sorry about that. She goes to Haiti and is a senior in college. I have some pictures of her that I posted before and I think there is one on the side if you really want to know who I am talking about. :)

Strawberry milk is yummy. I am drinking some right now. I love it, but I like Hershey better then Nesquik. Thought you would all like to know that.... haha. Yeah right. But now you do. So Kisa kounye-a bonbon?!? Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha. That doesn't mean "kiss my butt" (according to Nate and Brenda it does... long story) It means "What now candy?" Usually I say "What now sucker??" But sucker or lollipop wasn't in the dictionary we have, so I settled for candy. Plus it is really fun to say bonbon. I am a dork, yes I know.

Well, so much for not posting today huh? Ha, since I already lied I guess I will stop now and move on with everything that I have to get done today. Homework is yucky. And technically child labor because it is forcing kids to do work they don't want to do. Even a teacher I had last year agrees with me. So I shouldn't have to do this gayness (sorry for my language) but I do. So here I go... child labor-here I come.


Melissa said...

UGH. No me gusta tarea.
I'm glad that Tiffany is coming home. Why was she gone?
I like strawberry milk too. Haven't had it in a long time. Your creole makes me laugh :)

Melissa said...

Working at Carino's? I like the sound of that!

Diane said...

You scare me sometime, child! You're funny though! I hope the vote turns out well for you today!

Tori said...

Melissa- I think she was visiting her aunt. Carino's does sound like fun... employee discount!! Haha

Mom- You scare me too, adult! The vote was good, we are going to state. Woop!

Anonymous said...