Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is the first time I have been tagged while actually having a blog! My mom and Brenda (I think) tagged me to list 8 random things about me, so here goes nothing:

1) I am an only child... not really, I just wish that sometimes
2) Haiti is my favorite place in the whole world
3) A soccer field is my second favorite place in the whole world
4) I like to read and write stories/poems and stuff
5) I am blessed with too many friends to count
6) A Creole book is supposed to come for me from the library soon I hope... yay!!!
7) I am going on two trips to Haiti next year, yikes - expensive
8) Rice Krispies with sugar on top is my favorite cereal ever and I had it for dinner tonight with my favorite type of Pop-Tart: Brown Sugar Cinnamon or whatever it's called.

I am tagging whoever hasn't done it yet, so get crackin!!

lotsa <3 with a few smiles (just not as many as Mrs. Hill... lol. Just kidding!)


Jennifer said...

your #1 cracked me up! and you can smile as much as "mrs. hill" i have seen you do it. and by the way you are beautiful espcially when you are smiling!!!
don't forget to teach me some creole.

Anna said...

HEY HONEY, i can't believe you like brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts


Anna said...

If you were to scare me with a big spider in haiti, i would probably pee in my pants, not even joking! it wouldn't be cool. (and there would be a lot of screaming. i went to Kelly's cottage and there was a big spider (well not really BIG but still, ) on her boat crawling up the back of the chair. It was getting dark and one started going up my leg. i didn't sit down i stood up in the middle and just stood there until we got back to her cottage. and the spiders on her boat wereprobably the size of a half dollar. It wasn't cool. The other two families stayingat her cottage kept teasing me too. i was freakin' out. well i am leaving this post instead of posting a new entryso yeah. sry so long but




love you honey! :)