Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unknown Video

So I don't really know what this video is about because I can't watch it until I post this. I know it has something to do with when we were in Haiti this August, but I don't actually know what. Holy cow, I just about had a heart attack! The video went away for a second and I thought it deleted, but then it came back, so " 'sall good!" Had to say that... lol. I think this is a video of the kids from Barbancourt singing, but I could be wrong. I am not liable for anything by guessing that except maybe a genius award if I turn out to be right. If, by the rare chance that I am wrong, I don't get anything and I'll go cry under this computer desk right now. My mom will tell you if that happens I suppose.

Oh, and the video was taken on either mine or my mom's camera, so there is no sound. Nothing is wrong with your computer or speakers or headphones or whatever. Suprisingly, nothing is wrong with the video either. The camera just has no sound recorder, so it is a quiet movie. Just imagine it is one of those old movies from like 19something when they were all black and white and there was no sound, just words that come up after every picture. Except there are no words, so just pretend it is one of those, but everyone was too involved in the singing to want to type all the words out for the video.

Gotta go finish my book... T2daO2daR2daI


Brenda said...

You are right! This is the Barbencout kids singing. I remember Kimberly walking up the Aisle taking video with her camera.

Melissa said... are too funny. I'm glad you were right, so that you didn't have to crawl under the computer desk and cry!