Sunday, October 28, 2007

hello again...

I had to start a new blog because I couldn't figure out the old one and I probably won't be able to figure out this one either, so I might actually have to ask my mom for the first time ever about computer stuff. Scary, I know. Another reason why I started this one was because I didn't really like the other one anyway. I hope I can figure this one out, and I also hope that you all aren't too mad at me for making one and then not coming on for a while and then destroying that one and then making a brand new one!! Wow, I also hope that people still attempt to read this even though I ramble a lot and my ADHD shows through sometimes. Lol... WHOA!! That gum wrapper is shiny............................... oh sorry. See, what'd I tell you!! ADHD again! I am going to make this blog look better now maybe, so adios!

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