Sunday, February 17, 2008

Help please... :)

I am going to make a new e-mail soon because I really don't like the one I have now... it is pretty childish and totally not me anymore. So if anyone has any ideas what it should be, I need some help. Please and thank you!! (I am looking for something that I can keep for a looooooooooooooooong time so I don't have to change it again... any ideas would be greatly appreciated)

I am going to try to get some pictures from Haiti on here soon, but I am on my pop's laptop right now, so my pictures aren't on here. But tomorrow I will try to put some on. (Oh, also that shows that I was motivated to get the pictures off my camera and onto the computer. What an accomplishment right?? Lol...)

Tomorrow we are going out for my mom's birthday lunch thinger. I will let her tell you where we are going. After or before or whatever we decided on (don't care really unless I drive which nobody ever lets me, wonder why?? Hmm... ;P) we are going to go to Best Buy for my brother. He needs some cord thing, so yeah... and maybe they will have a Wii too. That would be a huge plus!! Then we can play Guitar Hero! Woohoo! And after that we are probably going to go to the mall because I have to go to PacSun for me. I have a thing from this magazine that gives you a free thing every month if you take in the magazine, so this month it was a free shirt from PacSun. I decided that would be a good idea to go get that since it is free and it is a pretty cute shirt too. I will try to get a picture of that on here sometime, otherwise I guess you will just have to see me wearing it! Lol... except it's shortsleeve, so I won't be wearing it for a while longer. Dang it.

Ok, enough ramblings for tonight... so that's all until tomorrow I guess. I am going to rap, this should be scary... here it goes.

Yo yo,
It's time fo
Me to go
Fo sho
I really gotta go
Freaky freaky fresh word...

Yeah, I am pretty white. Ok, peace out dudeys... lol. Dudeys... :)


Melissa said...

for your email: how about something to do with soccer, or haiti. i thought of haitilovinsoccerchick but that's kinda idk.
have fun with your family tomorrow. lucky school :)
can't wait to see the pac sun shirt!
love the rap lol

Diane said...

Wow - you really do need help! :) JK!! You're great just the way you are so don't ever change!! What about your e-mail be something like hiponhaiti or haitianchika or whyaminotinhaiti...

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

For your E-mail how about something in Haitian? Just a thought.


Jennifer said...

I like your Dad's idea. Very clever. Yes that was Anna dancing with Melissa. Funny.