Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I miss everyone so much! Right now, I am in the airport in Miami... our flights were cancelled before we were even inside the airport in Haiti, so we are flying out tomorrow. The team is split up into two different flights, but we are all getting there tomorrow and we are all here tongiht. That is actually a really good thing because Tiffany and Aaron (my buddys) are on the other flight, so if they would've had to leave tonight, I would be really sad and lonely. I can NOT handle that many goodbyes in one day. Not at all. The ones from this morning were enough for me, I think this might be my fault that we have to spend the night here... whoops. Sorry guys!! Haha...

Well Haiti was AMAZING as it always is. Nate said this is the first trip ever where there was no problem he had to deal with, which is super duper good. We worked on the medical clinic and it is pretty much done, there is just a little bit left to move in again I think, so that is excellent. We went to an orphanage and had a lot of fun there. We didn't end up spending the night in the mountains, but we went up there early on Sunday to go to church. It was tons of fun and I will blog about everything that happened later. Me and Tiffany and Paige watched the little Livesays while Troy and Tara and Jen and Tess went to the beach for the day. That was a lot of fun. I got to spend quite a bit of time with some of my really good friends too. I love them so much and I miss them really bad right now. (Paigey, Tipap, and Jeanbeauvis) Me and Tiffany called Tipap tonight and were talking to him for a little bit, and he said that both him and Jeanbeauvis cried today. Jeanbeauvis was crying last night a lot too. It was so sad, and I felt bad. He told me not to go to America and I almost cried right there on the spot. BOO HOO... I hate leaving!!!!!!!!!!!! And now we are stuck in stupid Miami... blahhhhhhh. But there is a funny story about that at if you want to read it. It is HILARIOUS! I just about died laughing about it, but you have to go there if you want to know what it is because I am not going to tell you. I talked to Anna today, that was really fun. I miss her (and everyone else) so much now, so that is basically the only reason I didn't "lose" my green card. (You can't get back into America without that for anyone who doesn't know...)

Me and Tiffany and Aaron are going to stay up all night tonight until we fall asleep... haha, that makes no sense but we are so going to do it! Lol... we bought a pack of Mickey Mouse cards for only $6, so we are going to play with those. We bought Starbucks too, but they close in 15 minutes so we can't get anymore tonight. But we had BK for dinner, and the refills on the pops we got are unlimited and there is a 24 hour BK in concourse D so we are going to learn where that is real fast. Haha... I am so tired though. I learned a lot of Creole on this trip. Tipap told me and Tiffany that we have to learn Creole, first he said if we came there for 6 months we would learn it, but then I was asking him how to say a bunch of stuff and then talking to Tipap and Jeanbeauvis in Creole, so he changed mine to 3 months. Tiffany still needs 6 months though. She is okay with that since that means that she has an excuse to stay longer, but I told her that I would just spend the other 3 months perfecting my Creole. And to tutor her when Paige won't help and Tipap doesn't know what we are saying. So that should be fun. I have a really good plan that me and Paige came up with, but I can't say what it is until I get it for sured by some people. I haven't even talked to the important people about it either. Whoops... haha.

Wow, this is really long but I haven't updated all week, so I guess this is okay then huh? The internet isn't working very good at the Livesay's so when it does work, everyone tries to get a little time in before it breaks again. I have just been checking my email when I get a chance to come on. But now I am just sitting here in the airport with nothing to do but play cards, so I will update now. Even though I obviously already did... haha. I am such a dork today. And always but especially today. I am getting sick of this though, so I am going to stop typing now... wow an airport cleaning guy just about ran into me. Yikes that was scary. Ok, random enough now because I am getting super duper tired... so I am seriously going to stop now!!

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (Well most of you... haha. Just kidding. Maybe. Haha...)



Melissa said...

Hey hun! That was fun to read. I am sorry that ya'll weren't able to just come straight home. That would make the "grieving" process a little easier on you. Have fun staying up all night. Stay out of trouble *wink wink*. See you tomorrow at the airport!!! <3

Diane said...

You're too funny! I miss that energy around here so get back quick today and be safe! I know you're going to missing Haiti and your buds so much but I hope you're going to be glad to be home with me again too! :) See you in 8 hours!!

Chad and Tammy said...

Hi Tori,

It sounds like you had an awesome time in Haiti. I love the funny thing on the Lighthouse blog (don't want to ruin it for those who haven't looked at it yet :) Chad called me last night and told me to look at it, and I laughed sooo hard!!

I can't wait to see pics and hear all about the experiences you guys had!!

Brenda said...

Tori Mhc! I was happy I was able to talk to your old sarcastic self on the phone last night!!... I missed your humor!!

For me just one of the best parts of you return is that we get to start planning July!! Woo hoo!!!!

Mari said...

Wow - you had a lot to say today. Glad you had a good time and will soon be home. I loved your tent at the airport!

Jennifer said...

I read your post to Anna at a "Tori fast" speed. You would have been so proud of me! See you in about 2 hours! WOOHOO!

Tori said...

wow, i have a lot of crazy adult friends. that is all i have to say. thanks to everyone who came to the airport, i really liked that.

mrs. hill-you cant read at tori fast speed so just get over it ok?

mari-i figured i could say a lot since i didnt update the whole week and i figured people would be wondering if i died or something

brenda-aaron wanted to talk to you too but tiffany did and then she gave the phone to nate again. you will just have to talk to him some other time i guess...

tammy-that was so much fun. i almost died laughing in the airport. they would have had to scrape me off the floor with a spatuala... haha. just kidding.

mom-i have sooo much more energy when we are in haiti, so i guess we will just have to go down there ok?

melissa-said it before, but thanks for coming to the airport, and i wish we couldve come home all in one day too. i also wish that all of the team couldve flied together the whole time, but what can you do right? oh well, we still got home.