Thursday, October 15, 2009

yep, i got nothing.

sorry the blog has been so boring lately! i have been really busy, and don't feel like i have anything much to say besides poems. you have to be really bored and upset with me by now ;] just kidding. but i will try to think of something interesting! hmm. well, at the moment i am doing math homework, but that's not interesting so we can skip over that topic. ratatouille is on so that's pretty sweet. i like this movie. OOH! tomorrow my aunt and uncle and cousins are coming in from minnesota and we're going to my grandma's house to have dinner :D YAY! haven't seen them since august-ish. annnnnnd then on saturday, is the shopping trip! to birch run :] kind of a last minute thing, but my friend emily is coming with us :] so this should be pretty amazing. yeahh. i'm excited. too bad we have to leave at 7:00am. y-i-k-e-s. that's early. earlier than school. whoo baby. but it's all good because we get to go shopping! haha :] hmm. i think that's about it. sorry for the random post. kind of rambly too but i guess that's better than nothing.

ooh and this quote i found. "we could learn a lesson from crayons. sometimes they're sharp and sometimes they're beautiful. some have weird names and they're all different colors. and they all live in the same box." i thought that was cute :]

that's all. alright, love :D

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