Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Video

This is Dani. She is going to kill me for this. Unless she doesn't find out so shh... ;) Kidding. You may tell her, I don't care. :)

Other Dani quotes:

"I put 'white/caucasian' for this, but I'm Italian, so what else do I put? Am I Middle Eastern??"

(To which I laughed really hard and she said "What? Wait what's a Middle Eastern person?" And I laughed more and told her "Like an Iraqi" And then she laughed with me... and then wondered if she was Latino...)


Diane said...

What a spaz! It's funny how she is always so calm around me... almost shy and kinda quiet!!!

I LOVE the whole "Middle Eastern" conversation! She's definately one of a kind!!!

Jennifer said...

Okay after watching it a couple times, trying to figure out where in the world you all are because I seen Anna in it... Is this in Chicago?

Jennifer said...

This is my Youth Group girls... Does everyone feel sorry for me now?
I love you all!!!!

T♥RI said...

its at the rampage game earlier this year.

Tiffany said...

haha :) danni is a character, lol this is definitely the real her lol :)