Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lots of Venting...

**I am seriously venting right now. School was crazy today. Everyone was arguing since we had a mock election and because of the real election today. These are all based on arguments that people used on me today when I tried to talk to them. If you are easily offended, I wouldn't read this. You can't say I didn't warn you :)**

1) Saying that we aren't old enough to vote anyways so who cares isn't a good comeback.
2) I am old enough to care.
3) We can vote in the next election so if you don't care, you should start.
4) What happens in this elections is going to effect you whether you think so or not.
5) Abortion is murder any way you put it.
6) If God did not have a purpose for the baby, the woman would not have gotten pregnant in the first place. Yes He has that power.
7) I believe that woman have a choice.
8) That choice is made when they get pregnant.
9) And the choice is to take that chance of getting pregnant or not risking it.
10) After that it is up to God.
11) You can't say there is no other option for women either.
12) Even if they are teenagers.
13) They were responsible enough to get pregnant, they can be responsible enough to go through with the consequences.
14) Once they have the baby, there is a wonderful thing called adoption.
15) If you don't want your baby, someone else does.
16) If a woman has an abortion or if her baby is put up for adoption, she is still going to think about that child for the rest of her life.
17) Personally, I would rather think about a child that is still alive.
18) You also cannot say that men shouldn't worry about abortion because they don't have to go through it anyways.
19) Someone has to get the girl pregnant.
20) Not all men leave if a woman gets pregnant either.
21) And if he does, the woman should not have been messing around with him in the first place.
22) You can not be born gay.
23) It is a choice.
24) There is no other way around it, none, plain and simple - a choice.
25) God did not create us to be man and man or woman and woman.
26) We were created to be man and woman.
27) I do like basing my arguments on faith and religion.
28) The government should be involved in whether or not women can have abortions, and whether or not gay people can get married.
29) Our country was founded on Christian faith.
30) Our country should still be run on Christian faith.
31) The Bible is not manipulated to say that being gay is wrong.
32) It is wrong. The Bible says so. Not manipulated.
33) I am okay with people having different opinions.
34) God did not make us all to think exactly alike and be robotic.
35) But if you say you are a Christian, you better not be going against what the Bible says.

Would do you think Jesus would vote for? Who do you think He IS voting for? And would you tell him these arguments and expect him to go with them??


Mari said...

Tori - you are wise beyond your years and I wish all the young people I'm seeing on tv right now had your morals and integrity!

Diane said...

I agree with Mari. Sometimes I hear you talking and I have to stop to think about how old you really are! You rock! I enjoy the conversations we have and the questions you come up with! :) Love you!!

Melissa said...

Wow! I agree with Mari. Those are some great points. I wish some college aged people and adults had your wisdom! Thanks for that! :)