Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Life

be like ooh ahhhh oooh ahh ;) Just kidding.

This is going to be a completely random and totally boring update about my life. Here we go.

1. I have 27 days until my birthday.
2. 27 days left of being 14 that means.
3. I am approximately 1/12 of the way done with high school.
4. After tomorrow, I have 55 exams left in my high school career. (Unless I don't take 5 classes every trimester)
5. Saturday I am going shopping with my mom.
6. I want to talk in Creole to someone.
7. I have no one to talk to because all the Haitian-Americans I know would make me feel embarassed to try speaking it with them.
8. My friends are amazing :)
9. I don't feel good.
10. I never want to eat junk food again.
11. But I probably will by the middle of next week. Probably before.
12. I think that's everything random I had to say.
13. Told you it was going to be boring.
14. Oh yeah, and I wish I could drive.
15. But I can't.
16. And I watched Juno for the first time today.
17. It's pretty funny, and it's good.
18. Ok now that's everything.
19. Still boring though.

Au revoir cheries :)


Mari said...

You may call and speak Creole to me. I wouldn't laugh because I don't know that language at all - I'd probably be impressed! :)

Diane said...

#5 - I thought we were going shopping on Saturday.

I love your randomness! It's a good brain excercise to try and keep up with you! ;)

Love you!!

Melissa said...

I like that song....oooh :) And this wasn't boring...just another glimpse into the mind of Tori :) I bet it feels good to be done with your first trimester! :)

tiffany said...

nice reference to our song :) hehe ;) love it! and YOU!

au revoir masisi budi ;)