Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Socks

This adorable little boy is my cousin Caden. While we were in Wisconson this week, we celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family since my aunt and uncle that live in Minnesota will not be here for Christmas. My mom gave all the kids a little stocking with candy in it along with their presents. Caden was eating the candy out of his (well okay, dumping it all on the floor and leaving it there for me to put back, and then when I did put it back, dumping it out again. I think he ate one piece that whole time). Me and my aunts and my mom and dad and a couple of my cousins were going "for a walk" to the arcade. We said for a walk so that not all the little kids would want to come. :) Caden was going to come, and was waiting with us out in the hallway, but then he ran over by his room door and said "I'm going to eat some candy out of my sock!" then he looked down and pointed at his socks, and completely seriously added "But not these socks." Just to clarify. Thanks buddy :D

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Diane said...

That was so funny!!! I love that kid!! :)