Saturday, June 28, 2008

Haiti Video

This video is at a church in the mountains that we went to. I'm not sure of what the village was called, but I know it was in the mountains. Obviously... haha. We rode up there on mules/donkeys/horses and walked back down. Nate gave a sermon and Robensun translated it. We ate at the pastor's house twice, once before and once after church. The one before was a snack or something I guess, and the one after was lunch. After church we went around and prayed for people in the village that couldn't/didn't come to church that day. There were many different reasons why they were prayed for, and I don't remember all of them. Anyways, here is the video. :)


Diane said...

Love it! I love their singing! I love Haiti! 20 1/2 more days!!!

Chad and Tammy said...

That makes me SOOO eager to get to Haiti! I could listen to them sing ALL day!!! I love it! Thanks for posting the video!

Nate and Brenda said...

Love the video!! cannot wait to go back!!