Wednesday, July 2, 2008

America's Got Talent

Here are some videos of America's Got Talent from this year:
Kaitlyn Mathers -4 year old singer
Nuttin' But Stringz -R&B violinists
Jonathan Burkin -baton twirler
Neal E. Boyd -opera singer (he is good, usually I don't like opera.)
Eli Mattson -singer
Next II None -boy band (lol they are good and I just realized watching this video that they are from the great GR Michigan!)
Mary Bly -80 year old dancer
Russian Bar Trio -extremely suspenseful gymnastics type thing
David Militello -9 year old autistic singer
Jessica Price -singer

Here are some from other countries or a different year:
Terry Fator -ventriloquist (winner of last year I think)
Kaitlyn K -11 year old singer
Europe's Got Talent -10 year old singer
Gary and Vinny -7 year old twin singers
Connie -6 year old singer

Sorry there's so many. It's hard to pick from! There were more on the sidebar of kids singing that I wanted to watch, but I really need to go eat lunch now. Maybe later. :) Enjoy! (try to watch as many as you can, I don't think I'll be posting for a couple days to give you time to watch these)

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