Tuesday, June 10, 2008


(Read the one below this first please) :)

On a happier note, tomorrow I get to go to Dani's party. Yay!! That should be fun, I will make sure to tell you allll about it. Well probably Thursday I will, because the party isn't done until 10 pm or so.

Her pool is open so we are going swimming. I decided that I needed to tan a little bit to prepare for this so I don't blind anyone ;). This afternoon, me and my mom were laying out for a while. I hope my tan worked... pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease... After about a half hour or so, I got sick of it and went inside to put on a t-shirt. Then I went outside again and played with Ember. We were playing soccer, and fetch which turned into keep-away which turned into eat-the-stick which turned into get-away-from-me-stupid-human-I'm-tired. So we went inside. My soccer ball was a little bit flat anyways and we don't have a pump for it. Plus it's kind of boring playing by yourself too long when you have no skills at all really. Haha. Yeah that's me.

(p.s. Can anyone tell me why I feel so sick after running these past couple of times? I was running a lot before this, like last week, and I was fine. But now anytime I run I feel like I'm going to barf. I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm pushing myself either, because I ran two days in a row and cut 24 seconds off the second day. I'm stumped...)


Melissa said...

Maybe it's because of the humidity?

Diane said...

Maybe try running at a different time of day? I think Melissa might have something there with the humidity point.

Anonymous said...


I just ran across your blog while researchig Haiti. Im very intrested in helping an orphanage down there. Im 17, and live in Canada.