Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sorry sorry sorry

I haven't updated in a while, but usually I don't get on the computer until pretty late and then I forget. But no excuses, I'm updating now.

There has been a couple times this week that I'm like "ooh I gotta blog about that."

First of all - how would you pronounce QAJAQER ? I saw it on a liscense plate just like that and I have no idea what it's supposed to mean. I think it sounds like "carjacker" if you say it with a French accent. It kind of sounds like "cuz I care" with the accent too. Lol. My mom thinks I'm crazy. (Shocking right? :P)

Another thing is this amazing little girl on America's Got Talent I saw tonight. She is ADORABLE! Her name is Katelyn and she is 4 years old, and she sung. It was gorgeous and soooo freakin' cute. I want my kids to be that cute someday. :) I want to look on YouTube and see if there is a video of her on there, if there is I will definitely be posting it later. They said she is the youngest person to go to Las Vegas (the next stage of the show).

There was another guy on the show that was singing opera. It was really good. He moved on to Las Vegas. I liked him though because he cried when they were talking about his mom. She hadn't died or anything, because he called her after he was done performing, and I didn't hear why he got like that about her, but it was cool because he wasn't afraid to show his emotions.

I know it's kind of late. But I had to stay up and watch America's Got Talent. As of today, it's my new addiction. I am in love with that show. It's funny, and interesting, and entertaining, and a good laugh sometimes, and adorable all at the same time. Best. Show. Ever. :)

Today I was babysitting the Sall's like I do every summer, and we were outside on the trampoline. And I fell off. It was pretty funny, and I didn't get hurt at all. But I was embarassed a lot, thankfully only Lydia and James were out there to see it. Whew...

Tomorrow I get to go out for lunch with Bernie! YAY I haven't seen her in a really long time! She is my almost-step-grandma. Her and my grandpa were going to get married, but then my grandpa died, so yeah. My ASG. :) haha I like it. Then when we get back, I am going to hang out with Tiffany for a while again. After that, I am going to church at night to watch the kids of some families that are going to be there for something. Oh gees.

I have been doing my running, so Anna and Mrs. Hill don't have to kill me. Since it was my whole plan anyways, and Anna took it. Jerk. Haha just kidding. I love her :) I haven't been going as fast as I was before, but I don't want to feel sick afterwards. Plus my only motivation for this really is that I don't want Mrs. Hill to be able to run farther than me. Lol. Ain't she special?

Ooh and I have been working on my Creole. Tipap made Tiffany promise that she was going to learn Creole for this summer, and she was like "Ok, Tori will too..." So now I have to learn Creole because he made me promise that I would. But I don't care really, I like learning Creole. It's a fun language. Plus I have motivation for that. 1. So Tipap won't beat me up for not keeping my promise 2. So I can talk to my friends without a translator more often/for longer.

The other day I went to Meijer with my mom, and she gave me some money to get a Starbuck's. :D YAY I ♥ Starbuck's. But Starbuck's doesn't ♥ me I guess. First I got 2 really bad brain freezes that wouldn't go away. (Yes brainfreeze from coffee, I got a carmel frapp. (which is cold in case anyone didn't know.)) Then I almost choked on it from coughing. Cold stuff makes me cough, it's weird. And finally, I was taking the lid off to get the whipped cream out, and I got a cut on my finger from the lid. Like a paper cut, but not from paper. So a plastic lid cut I guess. haha. It didn't hurt until today :( stupid coffee. It was good though.

Long enough? Now you have everything I would've updated about for the past few days all in one post. Suckers :P Just kidding.



Diane said...

I've heard most of this before but love to see it all on your blog! I've been trying to learn Creole with you but it doesn't come very easy to me and I get discouraged. It should be offered in Rosetta Stone!

See ya later when you get up! :)

Mari said...

I loved America's got talent - especially the little girl and the opera singer. She was just adorable and he was o talented (I don't even like opera otherwise!)
What did you think of the 80 year old tap dancer?

Mari said...

I thought the 80 year old was pretty impressive. I don't know too many people even close to that age who ca move like that!

Jennifer said...

I missed out on my running this morning because I woke up too late and had to be at church to answers phones. Bummer. I will have to put more effort into tomorrow. I can't be shown up by a 14 1/2 year old.

Anonymous said...

That 80 year old tap dancer kinda' feaked me out but the 4 year old was soooooooooooooooo cute!

- Grace

Anonymous said...

ok i n the last comment i meant to ssay " freaked me out not feaked me out. Sorry