Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mom's Request

I had this balloon from my birthday on December 17. I was keeping it in my room and finally got to taking it out and my birthday/Christmas cards down. I always do this with any helium balloons I get, and I just got the new camera that can take video with sound for up to 2 hours. I figured this would be fun. It was. My mom was taking the video, and she started crying she was laughing so hard. And just so everyone that threatened "payback" after the last post... I think this counts, don't you? But is it considered payback if I do it? Hmmm... well, I think so!!


Melissa said...

That was absolutely hilarious! I love your laugh!
I do that to with helium baloons sometimes...but it kills brain cells you know? lol :)
And yes, you should join Alvin and the Chipmunks ;)

Tori said...

How many brain cells does a girl really need?

Mari said...

I was worried about you before - now with less brain cells, it may be worse!

Diane said...

"ahhhh... ok... I love helium..."

You're TOO FUNNY!!!!! I think I've watched this 3 times now and I've "cried" every stinkin' time!! Just watch out - I might just have to have a balloon at the airport when I pick you up!! :)

Love you!!

Chad and Tammy said...

That was hilarious! Unfortunately for you, that does NOT count as paybacks.

Why?? Because you enjoyed that way too much! Paybacks can't be so much fun!! :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the early morning smiles! Next time have something written, like a really sad poem, and read it while doing that.

Tori said...

Mrs. Hill- did you see how much I was laughing in that just because of my voice and how much my mom was laughing? If I even attempted to read a sad poem, that wouldn't turn out so well. I will try though, just for you!

Tammy- I didn't think it would count, but it was worth a shot right?? Haha...

Mom- a balloon at the airport probably wouldn't go over so well because I will be crying a lot!! But it would sound even funnier if I was crying but I don't think it would be as funny then... nice try. :) LOVE YOU TOO

Mari- I am so sorry you worry about me, but you know, you don't even really use like over half of your braincells, so I think I should be okay for about 3 more balloons!! Maybe... :)

Diane said...

Taggage... you're it, cutie!! :)

Anonymous said...


This video just made my day! All I can say is that you know how to put a smile on our faces, which is a talent not all of us have. I hope you are able to use your talent to make people laugh in all aspects of your life.


Tori said...

omg, my parents are embarassing. lol.

mom-ok, i will get to that tomorrow probably... cutie! haha

dad-wow, that was deep. i am impressed. haha.