Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Here is the results of the voting:

Littlest Petshops-II
New Camera-I

I like using those "I" things because they make it look like there was more votes!! And there was a lot too, actually I think 9 comments is a record for me!! *hint, hint... lol. If you try to add them all up, that is not 9, I know. My dad voted for every one of them I think and a couple people voted for two things I think. And one of my friends from school voted without a comment. Cheater... :D.

I don't have time to update about that right now though, because I have to read like a million blogs, and I have youth group tonight, and my goal for this year is to exercise more, so I have to do that too. If I have any time left over, I need to listen to these Creole tapes I got, since they are due back in 2 days and I have about 3.5 hours left!! Yikes. So I better get off now and get to work!!


Mari said...

I was just thinking today that you still hadn't posted! At least I know you're thinking about it!

Melissa said...

well...i'm not so patiently waiting for you. sorry. you're keeping me in suspense and i want to hear about everything. :)

you can renew your tapes by going here:

Jennifer said...

post already

Tori said...

sorry. i am a busy girl and cant get on here much. at least i update more then anna!! lol.

Jennifer said...

Tag. You're it. Come see me blog.