Monday, December 17, 2007

Post From a 14 year-old Chick

So, it is my birthday today as a lot of you already know. I am 14 years old! Yay! I got a knitted beanie (type of hat), and a Haiti sweatshirt for my birthday. The Haiti sweatshirt isn't here yet, but it is supposed to come sometime this week, so I am going to wear it when it comes in. I got a balloon and chocolate covered peanuts in my locker today from my madre. A girl at school said she had a present for me. Yikes, I am scared. And I got tons of hugs and "happy birthdays".

I also laughed so hard today at . She drew a picture of a girl riding a horse in her notebook. Except she never finished the girls legs, so it was kind of like a half-horse-half-human thing, whatever those are called. I forgot. Anyway... she is also reading the book HOUSE. It has cool lettering on the front, so she wanted to try it out. For who-knows-why, she decided to try out the letters IN MY NAME. So silly. But, to make it so funny, she wrote it at the top of the aforementioned picture. The girl in the picture also looks nothing like me. She is quite ugly and has about 3 chins. HA! Thanks Anna. So I found that in Spanish class and started laughing while she was trying to explain this picture to me. Somehow it got passed around the whole class, and lots of people were laughing. I laughed so hard, I started to cry. It was so funny! I still love Anna though...

So there is the "Birthday Blog" you were all waiting for. You are so welcome.



Mari said...

Yeah! I'm glad you did a post on your birthday. Happy Birthday again!

Melissa said...

Yay for being 14! Is it that lovely beanie from the craft sale? ;) I can't wait to see the Haiti sweatshirt!
And you and Anna...always crack me up. You guys are lucky to have friends like each other! :)

Diane said...

You two are kinda wierd... but in a good way! ;-)

Thanks for posting again!!

<3, MOM

Chad and Tammy said...

I wished you a Happy Birthday on your mom's blog, but I'll wish you one again here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
It sounds like you had a fun day!

Jennifer said...


Chad and Tammy said...

We're looking forward to you babysitting too! We'll be sure to have the kids all "sugared up" for ya! Just kidding! :)