Sunday, December 30, 2007


Nate told me I should have shared tonight at church. This is the conversation (about):

NATE: You should have shared tonight.
ME: And what would I have shared about?
NATE: Hmm... I don't know... Kenya...! (sarcastically of course)
ME: OK...

And then I shared about Kenya. This is what I said:

Kenya is a country in Africa that I learned about in Social Studies last year. It starts with a K and ends with an enya. That is all I know about Kenya.

I just decided that I know one more thing though... OHP, just thought of another... two more things.

They don't speak English there so I can't talk to most of them. And Sango goes there on mission trips sometimes.

Ta-da. There is my sharing about Kenya. If you REALLY wanted to hear me talk about Kenya tonight, you didn't miss out. Here is my speech. You're so welcome.

(And Nate, if you wanted me to share about something non-sarcastically, you should try to tell me that. Even though I already know what it is that you want me to say. But anyway, I might just share about that later, just not with a microphone in front of lots of people. Next year I will. I will only talk about mission trips that I know more about when I come back from the trip and am forced to. Lol. Just kidding.)

So there is probably my last post for this year. Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2008!



Wow, that was random, but anyways, there is my poem about 2008. Happy New Year again!


Melissa said...

that little poem was insanely
anyway, as much as I enjoyed your very informative lesson on kenya, i would have rather have heard about haiti. i hope that someday (soon) i will be able to go there with you so i have my own stories to share. however, i can't rag on you too much, because i didn't talk either. for some reason i'm fine with the mic when i'm singing for praise team, but i don't like talking into it in front of others! wierd...i know... :)

Mari said...

I enjoyed your little talk on Kenya and can totally sympathize about not talking in front of people!
Happy New Year to you too!

Brenda said...

I think you know so much about Kenya that you could lead a trip there! How's your swahili? Ha, there's something you did'nt know. I think I'll start a blog so I can pick on you!! By the way, you know that little shack by the gate? I am requesting that room for you on this trip. Ha ha
Be careful or it will be the rooms behind the sun oven!

Diane said...

Nate - EWWWW!!!! She'll stink enough when she gets home - don't stick her behind the sun oven!!! The shack by the gate, however.... JK!

Tori - you are too funny! I know Nate wanted me to talk last night too but I have a hard time with it too. Not too many people actually like to talk in front on people like that. I guess we'll have to work on it.

Liked your random poem. Good job! :)