Saturday, December 8, 2007


Ok, I know more people read my blog than that, so I will try this again. I only got 3 comments the last time. I know of at least 3 more people that read my blog and there are probably some secret people out there. I don't like secrets... no offense. I just want to know who is reading, so PLEASE COMMENT ME ON THIS POST IF YOU READ MY BLOG!! Thank you very much!



Brenda said...

I will admit that Its been about a week since I have been able to keep up with blog but I am here this morning!


Melissa said...

You're funny!'s the translation.
I WROTE: Eres muy comica. Me gusta mucho churros. Yo creo que la fiesta fue muy divertida! Lo siento que tu profesora necesita salir :( Hasta luego!
Me comprendes? :)

YOU WROTE: That is very funny. I like churros a lot. I ___ ___ the party ___ very ___! I'm sorry your professor needs ___ :( See you later!
You understand? :)

TRANSLATION: You are very funny. I like churros a lot. I believe that the party was very fun! I am sorry that your professor (teacher) needs to leave :( See you later!
Did you understand me?

You did very well! Sorry for making you think so much on a weekend!

Diane said...

You know that I read your blog! If I don't read an entry, I find out about it when I talk to you and THEN I make sure to check again! :)

Melissa said...

You're funny because "I don't like secrets... no offense."

Chad and Tammy said...

Sorry, I've been behind on checking blogs! I do read yours!