Monday, August 25, 2008

Second Chance Survey

Some people (a.k.a. mom) have told me that they "missed" the last Haiti question opportunity. So here is your second chance. Ask me anything you would like :)
Driving from the airport in Port au Prince

Little boy in La Digue on Sunday

View from Petit Bois

You've got questions,
I've got answers. :)
The polls are open, ask away.


Diane said...

I know you are pretty sure you'll be doing something in missions with your life... are you thinking anything specifically yet as far as your interests go? Would it definately be in Haiti? I know that you are waiting on God and where He leads you but I just wondered about your thoughts at this point.

Amy K said...

I am not a "blog commenter", but I couldn't resist asking questions.
1. What Christ-like trait amazed you most in the believers in Haiti?
2. What Christ-like trait seems to be showing more in you since being in Haiti?
3. What do you most want your Michigan friends to understand about the changes and passion in your life since being in Haiti?

Kate said...


Nice blog! Your very lucky to have been to Haiti. Im hoping to do some volunteer work there one day :)