Thursday, August 7, 2008

One Thing

Why do we want everything?
Money, jobs, treatment of a king...
When honestly,
Jesus is the one thing,
We need only.

"Everything is meaningless,"
Give it all up and confess.
'Cause honestly,
There's nothing we need,
But Jesus only.

You get what you need,
You share the smallest seed.
And honestly,
The one need in this life,
Is Jesus only.

You only get what you can take,
God sees all the fake.
But honestly,
The single need of everyone,
That's Jesus only.

God knows the real you,
From inside your heart to inside your shoe.
Now honestly,
Jesus knows your need,
It's Him only.

When life gives you hard times,
Don't box up like mimes.
For honestly,
Your need to get through it,
Is Jesus only.

So throw out your regrets,
Get rid of your secrets.
Oh, honestly,
Jesus is the one thing,
We need only.


Chad and Tammy said...

AMEN to that!! Did you write that??

Diane said...

Tammy - I KNOW Tori wrote that! I saw it in the making!!

Tori, I absolutely love that poem! You have a gift for writing poetry and I'm so thankful that you can express yourself this way! It took me so many more years to get where you are already! God has amazing and awesome plans for you! I can hardly wait to see what He does through you!! :)

Melissa said...

Wow! That poem is amazing! I love it! Like I've told you before, it's so neat to see God working in all these ways through you! Love you girl!!!!! :)