Tuesday, April 14, 2009

School = Bored...

i am sitting here in english class very bored at the moment. we've been working on projects for a while and the teacher gave us yesterday and today [[alllllll class period... the whole 72 minutes]] to work on them. i finished mine in about 10 minutes yesterday. but then after class yesterday he asked how many people still needed time to work [[and me, not wanting to work on anything else, same with my friend emily who is also done]] raised our hands along with the rest of the class who are not done yet. so here we sit. bored. nothing to do. dani took my math notebook last hour during seminar to look at a couple problems and i don't know where she is. so i can't do my math homework now. i did my science homework already. so yeah. thought you would all like to know how incredibly bored i am right now :] because now you do know.

thursday and friday we have home games!! whooop :] thursday at 4:30 and friday at 4:15. both at the middle school field. you should come :] hehe. the game on friday is vs. the first team we played [[and won against]] and then went against in the tournament [[and lost to]] because they moved their freshman varsity players down for the tournament after we beat them. i'm thinking they kept the varsity players down on the j.v. team. hopefully the game will go good. coach says we are a 'dream team.' he is the greatest coach we ever had. he might coach us next year unless he gets a job somewhere else since he is graduating this year. but i love love love my team. we fought so much at the beginning of the year and now we are really close. we laugh the whole practice.

anyway... enough about that. 40 minutes left in this class. ugh. i'm hungry. lunch is next :] yay! mmk i think my ramblings are done now. i don't know what else to say. emily is looking up shoes haha. she needs new ones. they are pretty sweet looking.

that's all. pce out :]

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Diane said...

Ok... I didn't read this until Wednesday morning so I didn't know you blogged during class time! :) Sounds like your homework was as "done" as you could get it and there was nothing more to do so I guess it's ok then. ;) Hope today is not as boring for you!

Love you!