Thursday, March 5, 2009

Surgery. School. Soccer.

My mom had her surgery this morning at 7:30. Her and my dad left at 5:30 to get there, so me and my brother had to get to school all by ourselves. Eek. Kidding. We were totally fine. :] I called my mom when I got home a little while ago and she sounds like she's doing great. Thank you to everyone praying for her!! :D

Exams are this week. Three down. Two to go. Phew. I need some new classes haha.

Soccer starts next Monday!!!!! :D :D :D Oh yeahhh party. haha I'm pumped.

Not sure if I should do this or not... but I'm going to... I'll just say now that if you read Anna's blog, buy from her because this was her idea in the first place. But this year for soccer we get bags and t-shirts (for the first highschool year, this is how it always is) and sweatshirts. Expensive. They gave us a fundraiser (which I really hate doing), gotta sell some cookies. If I sell 20 boxes then I get the stuff all free. Each box is $15. They are the place and bake kind, so you just take out the pre-portioned dough and bake them. 3 pounds of cookie dough in each (48 - 1 oz. cookies). Flavors are:
-Oatmeal Raisin
-Double Chocolate Chip
-Chocolate Chip
-Peanut Butter
-White Chocolate w/ Macadamia Nut
If you want to buy any, leave a comment, e-mail or Facebook me, or find me in person if you have that option too :] It says payment is made when order is made, so I guess you have to pay me when you order them. Thank you!!


Mari said...

Thanks for the update on your Mom. Glad she is doing good!
We're trying to avoid eating cookies at the moment, although Bob wouldn't agree with that, so anyway we better not order any cookie dough.

GeOrGiAnA said...


Marcey said...

Happy to hear your Mom is doing well! Good luck on your exams! Hang in there:)

Aunt Marcey