Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Things

oh my goodness it's almost april. eep. i have blogged like 3 times this month. i'm sure you were all very worried about my well-being as i received hundreds of e-mails wondering where i was.

kidding. :]

but the soccer season is off to a good start. last week tuesday we had a game vs. hamilton and won 2-1. then on saturday we had a tournament in coopersville, two games, first vs. coopersville (which we won 1-0 **and we have never beat coopersville before**) then the second vs. hamilton again as they won their game against ...some other school... haha. coach told us that the hamilton team took down some of their freshman varsity players after we beat them on tuesday, and we ended up losing the game 0-2. we won second place at the tournament and coach told us yesterday that he found out the trophy we won was the first one ever won at our school for soccer. girls or boys. whoop. go team :] today we had another game vs. zeeland west. they are a good team and most of us were pretty nervous about this game. we ended up tieing...tying? how do you spell that word?? lol... anyways we tied 2-2. another game tomorrow vs. zeeland east and we are all nervous again because they are also a very good team.

other very random, very short statements:
-homework sucks.
-tiffany makes incredibly good pie.
-2% milk is gross.
-it's amazingly cold outside.
-spring break is in 2 days.
-i feel like taking pictures, but because of the statement two above this one, not happening :]
-i, er, tiffany, dyed my hair a couple weeks ago... the bottom of it a black-blue color.

i think that's all for now. you are all caught up with my life. ha. not. ;] suckers.


Jennifer said...

What kind of milk do you prefer?

T♥RI said...


or 1/2 if we're out of skim.

but 2% is so icky. i hate it now

used to be all i drank

now i cant stand it!! haha

thought you should know the whole story. :]

Tiffany said...

Yay congrats on your game!!! haha and i'm glad you liked it! :) hehe!