Friday, December 3, 2010

School vs. Jail

Being December, 2nd tri has just started at high school and first semester is coming to an end at Grand Valley. I'm slowly getting used to my new schedule, which is totally and 100% different than 1st tri. Chemistry is the only one I really don't like - completely expected since I have always detested science. Creative writing, Spanish, and French I like/love/love, respectively. ACT Prep I feel is beneficial, yet very, very, very boring. Italian 101 is almost done at Grand Valley, and I'm scared for my exam on the 13th. At the moment, I'm signed up to take Writing 150 next semester, but I'm considering changing it out for Italian 102 - if that's allowed anymore. Not to bore you with details about my school life, I actually am writing on here for one important purpose: to document the comparison I made between school and jail.

Here it is:
School and jail are, for the most part, when you really think about it, the same thing. The main difference is that in one you are graded on your participation and the other one you can kind of just chill.

School is awful. Whoever invented it should be kicked in the ankle a couple times. Maybe not too hard; I learn a lot there after all. I guess it's beneficial, but it's still terrible. Thank goodness I only have 1 2/3 years left of high school. I'm praying college will be better, which I assume it will be because there won't be as much high school drama. If there is high school drama, the school is obviously bigger, so it should be easier to avoid. Those are my hopes anyways.

Alright, this is a completely boring and pointless post, and I'm sorry if you lost brain cells. Oh, speaking of brain cells - you know the phrase, "I lost my marbles." Well, we did a measurement lab today in chemistry. One of the measurements was the volume of a marble, and my friend measured the approximate volume of my head just for fun. I did the math, only to discover that in order to lose all my marbles, there would have to be approximately 418.95 of them. :) Yeah. That's what I do in school.


Mari said...

I wasn't a big fan of school either, although as you say it is beneficial.
College is better, and before you know it you'll be there.
Actually it's kind of good that school isn't so wonderful. There are some people who feel it was the high point of their life, and I always think it's sad when people look back and wish they were still in those glory days.

Mari G said...

I like the losing your marbles bit...very clever...and very scientific of you Tori! Thanks for posting! :o)

angelina.much said... this post hahaha. so true.. im a senior right now at high school....senior year doesnt get me ..its a lieee...well i did get a car this thats good.

Anonymous said...
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A Menina de Marte e a Menina da Terra said...
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A Menina de Marte e a Menina da Terra said...

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Clin said...

I like your post. It reminds me of my sailing days. Out there in the middle of the big ocean with no land on sight, It feels like a big jail.

Anonymous said...
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Boyka said...
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vivek said...

i feel if i were there

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