Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 10

We woke up today at about 4:30 to get through security again and get to our gate. Small delay because they had to change a tire on the plane but then we were on the way to PAP! We all fell asleep on the plane because of the lack of sleep the night before. Nate and everyone picked us up at the airport, which was weird that they were already here. Not a big fan. So then we drove to Petit Goave. We FINALLY got here and talked to the people for a while. We had dinner at about 5 - soo good. Then Kid's Club started, led by Nevil. Oh, another team is here also. They're doing a world mission called the World Race. It's an 11 month thing and Haiti is the second month. They're pretty cool. A lightening storm went on over the cove so we walked out (after Nevil made Mari pray for Kid's Club) and watched it come in. It was so pretty! A few kids were out there that we talked to. Then we walked back and waited for some guys to get back from Leogane. Then I came upstairs and we all fell asleep SO fast. I even got cold in the breeze.