Saturday, November 14, 2009

tilapia schlapia.

This is a tilapia. Looks nice, right? Yum. I'm assuming that's what a lot of people think anyways. Personally, I don't really like fish though. Ok, so tilapia. I thought the general public should know about these disgusting little fish. Lately I have been seeing many, many commercials and advertisements and hearing so much about TILAPIA TILAPIA TILAPIA. Ugh. Makes me sick. But that's because I know their secret.
This is a pool in which tilapia live. Gross. It's nasty enough that they have to swim around and drink their own waste all day, but this is like mucky kool-aid. Slimy, gooey, slippery, mucky kool-aid. Figured you all should know what you were going to digest.

P.S. In case you want to know if your tilapia is a boy or a girl, I'm an expert ;)

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Mari said...

This doesn't bother me, cause I don't like fish either!